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Why you should appreciate your loved ones everyday ♡

Everyday of my life, I try to spread positivity. Whether it’s going out on a limb to help someone or telling my best friend her make up looks great, I really try to contribute to people’s lives in a positive way. Today it’s Valentine’s Day and social media is flooded with roses, chocolate and people mentioning their loved ones. Although this is really sweet and I love seeing such happy and loving photos, why does this need to just be today? Shouldn’t we be appreciating our loved ones everyday of the year? If there’s anything I’ve learnt growing up, it’s that a bit of kindness doesn’t hurt anyone. So when you see a friend next, just compliment them. You have no idea how much that comment might make their day better.

I hope you’ve had a lovely Valentine’s Day with your friends and family.

Love Mouse Chick 



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