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£10 theatre tickets for 16-26 year olds

One of my favourite things about living in the Canterbury is the Marlowe Theatre: a state-of-the-art 1200 seat theatre in the heart of the city centre. Touring musical theatre shows visit the Marlowe periodically throughout the year and depending on the current performance schedule, you can see certain shows straight out of their West End run. We try to visit the theatre regularly as it’s only a short walk from our house and seats are far cheaper than London. There is also a fantastic discount ticket scheme called “Discovery Tickets” for 16-26 year olds where you can get top band seats for £10 on certain week nights. We’ve been to see Rock of Ages at the Marlowe with these tickets and have booked some more shows for the Autumn 2019 – Spring 2020 season as the tickets are such fantastic value for money at £10 (only a fraction more than a cinema ticket). In today’s post I’m going to explain how you can get your hand on Discovery Tickets and save as much as £40-50 for a performance.

Musical theatre adverts at The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury, Kent

Finding Discovery Tickets

The easiest way to find out if a show is part of the Discovery Tickets scheme is to head to the What’s On area of the Marlowe website and tick the Discovery Tickets filter. When you find a result that takes your fancy, proceed to the show listing and review the discounts section on the right hand side. The performances where you can purchase Discovery Tickets will be listed here and most of the time the days listed are Monday – Wednesday.

My Discovery Ticket for Motown The Musical at the Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

Purchasing Discovery Tickets

To be able to purchase Discovery Tickets online, you need an account with the Marlowe Theatre. In your account, you will then need to add your date of birth and wait 24 hours for the information to be processed. The following day you should have the ability to book Discovery Tickets online and access the discounts. When you are at the final stage of the booking process the discount will be applied, so don’t panic if it looks like you’re spending up to £60 right until the last step of the transaction.

A key thing to remember is that you can only purchase Discovery Tickets for yourself online. If you want to purchase multiple Discovery Tickets for a performance, each attendee will need to purchase their own ticket individually or you will need to visit the box office at the theatre as a group. The staff at the box office are really helpful so if you have any issues booking your tickets, I’d head into the theatre and speak to them in person.

The Marlowe Theatre at sunset, Canterbury

Current musicals offering Discovery Tickets

At the moment you can book Discovery Tickets for 11 musicals at the Marlowe including On Your Feet, Once and Mamma Mia. Tickets sell out quickly so book soon if you want to take advantage of the discount tickets scheme.

Theatre fans, I can’t recommend the Marlowe Discovery Tickets enough. We have saved a lot of money through this discount tickets scheme and I’m really going to miss it when we turn 26 and can no longer book them.

Have you ever been to the Marlowe Theatre? What show did you go and see?

Thanks for reading my blog today.

Love Kat xxxx



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