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Abigail Paul: Miss Communication review (Brighton Fringe)

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This time last year, actress, comedian and improviser Abigail Paul invited me to review her Edinburgh Fringe show ‘Involuntary Momslaughter’. Deeply intrigued by the title and the personal press release, Abigail was one of the first reviews that I booked for the festival and I was impressed by her captivating storytelling skills and wickedly dark sense of humour. We have kept in contact through social media over the past 12 months, even meeting up on Zoom to debrief Abigail’s solo festival experience, and when I heard that she was going to be performing at Brighton Fringe, I absolutely had to add her show to my schedule. Going back to her comedy roots with a new sparkly, pink show called ‘Miss Communication’, I was excited to catch the new set at The Caxton Arms last night, and see how Abigail would take on some much lighter topics.

Abigail Paul: Miss Communication on The Caxton Arms Brighton Fringe schedule

About the show

‘Miss Communication’ is a 60-minute standup piece, featuring Abigail’s incomparable dry sense of humour, discourse about being an American, living in Europe, politics, family and the role of women in society. It will appeal to stand up fans, but also people who like intelligent comedy and anyone with a slightly dark sense of humour. Compared to ‘Involuntary Momslaughter’ which focuses on her shocking upbringing, the themes are a lot lighter, but the comedian never fails to talk about the subjects people often steer away from. She is also keen to lift and support women and this shines through in the material.

Comedy style

In my opinion, it is impossible not to find Abigail funny. I’d liken her to that friend who will always tell you exactly what she is thinking, making you both laugh and gasp at the same time.  ‘Miss Communication’ features thoughtful, daring and relatable comedy, particularly when she talks about international politics (Donald Trump) and the pressures women face in society. This time she encourages audience participation and it takes her relatability to a whole new level. The crowd last night was totally engaged throughout.

Abigail Paul: Miss Communication at The Caxton Arms, Brighton Fringe

Whilst on the whole I found the 60-minute programme totally electric, my only feedback would be that sometimes it gets a little innuendo heavy and in my opinion, Abigail is amusing enough without it. The standout moments are actually the subtle transitional quips, as she moves between topics. More could be made of these comments outside of the intentional punchlines, but in a way I think the current approach is what makes the comedy form so clever.

A focus on culture

The comedian grew up in the USA and moved to Germany just over 20 years ago, and subsequently the comedy heavily focuses on cultural mannerisms, specifically the difficulties of making friends in a new country and adjusting to life abroad. I found myself cackling at her short, personal anecdotes, which even in small doses showcase incredible storytelling skills. In ‘Miss Communication’ she also talks about marriage, mentioning her British-Irish husband and his family. A series of UK-focused gags is a welcome addition and perfect for a Brighton crowd.

Comedy at The Caxton Arms arms, Brighton Fringe

A hilarious, unfiltered hour of comedy

It is extremely refreshing to see Abigail in a more uplifting show, but that being said, ‘Miss Communication’ still has moments of dark humour. It is what makes her comedy so engaging and memorable. Filled with lots of pink and dazzling glitter, ‘Miss Communication’ manages to be both hilarious and relevant, with political and feminist undertones. The Caxton Arms is a fantastic performance space for the set, with the pink staging totally emphasising her brand. This evening (Saturday 25th May) is the last opportunity to catch ‘Miss Communication’ at Brighton Fringe, with the final performance starting at 21:15. Last minute tickets can be purchased via the festival’s website. Definitely consider Abigail’s show for some Saturday evening entertainment.

Thanks for reading my blog today.

Love Kat xxxx

*My ticket for Abigail Paul: Miss Communication was gifted in exchange for an unbiased review.



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