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Let Loose Sid review (Barons Court Theatre)

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Broken Gods Productions are currently based at Barons Court Theatre with ‘Let Loose Sid’: a new piece of writing about trauma, isolation and the power of lucid dreams. 21-year old Sid has had a really difficult life so far, with their mother in a coma and father dying not long after their mother’s hospitalisation. They have also been the victim of physical abuse and experience horrific night terrors every time they go to sleep. Superheroes are the character’s role models and they frequently look to action figures for company in times of loneliness. Covering themes of mental health, Calum McArthur’s powerful play looks at what it means to be alone as a young person, turning to lucid dreams in their solitude.

Let Loose Sid poster | Barons Court Theatre


It is packed full of symbolism, with the creative team looking to props as a way to highlight the complex themes. From Sid’s mother’s journal which is full of stories of her own dreams to the superhero figures, each item carries weight in the wider story. Without giving away any spoilers, there is a particular prop which is used later in the show which highlights some of the more overwhelming themes of the piece. It is quite shocking how it is used, but it definitely makes you comprehend the character’s mental state, after all of this torment.

Louis Walwyn in Let Loose Sid | Barons Court Theatre
© Barons Court Theatre

Lighting effects

Featuring vibrant lighting effects which showcase the almost supernatural, dream sequences, ‘Let Loose Sid’ cleverly uses various hues to portray the different ambiances of the dreams. I found the bold lighting choices admirable, transforming the Barons Court stage and proving how much different coloured lights can affect the overall mood. When taken away during the day scenes, the absence helps to visualise the bleakness of Sid’s daily life in comparison to the excitement of the lucid dreams. 

Louis Walwyn in Let Loose Sid | Barons Court Theatre
© Barons Court Theatre

Tremendous acting

‘Let Loose Sid’ is led by Louis Walwyn in an outstanding performance. Although only 60 minutes in length, it is an incredibly intense play, requiring the utmost energy and commitment from the solo performer. Louis enacts multiple roles, moving across the stage at pace. Whilst largely a play showcasing distressing themes, the performer also manages to make the audience laugh in the lighter moments, providing some welcome respite in such a compelling piece of writing.

Louis Walwyn in Let Loose Sid | Barons Court Theatre
© Barons Court Theatre

Transitions and continuity

In one person plays, often you see the lead actor in front of the audience for the entire 60 minutes, barely leaving the stage. Sid enters and exits the performance space between scenes and this subsequently makes the viewing experience slightly disjointed at times. It affects the intensity and momentum of the script, creating lulls in the overall narrative. That being said, it is an incredibly demanding play and to stage this without Sid exiting the stage, would be no easy feat.

Let Loose Sid leaflet | Barons Court Theatre

Theatre with impact

‘Let Loose Sid’ is an emotional play that covers some largely under-talked about topics in a thoughtful way. It provides a platform for important discussions about mental health, specifically the psychological impacts of physical abuse and the risks of lucid dreaming. Louis gives everything to the role and is sure to go onto great things. The thought-provoking show is based at Barons Court Theatre until Saturday 8th June, with remaining tickets available via the theatre’s website.

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*My ticket for Let Loose Sid was gifted in exchange for an unbiased review.



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