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David Suchet – Poirot and More: A Retrospective review (Original Theatre)

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David Suchet, the Tony and multi Olivier Award-nominated actor who brought Agatha Christie’s Poirot to life for 25 years, is the focus of a new theatrical film which is currently available to stream on Original Theatre’s online platform. ‘David Suchet – Poirot and More: A Retrospective’ covers the performer’s 55 years and counting in the arts, providing an up close and personal perspective on the TV, film and theatre icon. Initially touring UK regional venues with his friend of 30 years journalist Geoffrey Wansell, Original Theatre has provided a digital home for the creative collaboration about David Suchet’s life, sharing over 50 years of theatrical experiences in 2 hour 10 minutes of live theatre. 

More than a character reflection

Even though I am a little young for Poirot, I remember it being on TV when I was growing up, and nothing stood out more than the iconic moustache. The production looks at many of Suchet’s roles across the years, coming full circle at the end with a final segment on how he created the legendary character. Even if you are unaware of Suchet’s previous roles, what becomes evident is how fundamental research is to the actor’s creative process. Suchet is a fascinating individual, who is clearly very dedicated to his craft.

© Original Theatre
© Original Theatre

A natural and engaging conversation 

Throughout the theatrical film Geoffrey Wansell facilitates the conversation and prompts the performer to share some fun anecdotes and personal insights into his craft, making you see the role of actors in a whole different light. The script is natural, with Wansell aiding the dialogue, rather than interrupting the flow of the stories.

Starting at the very beginning of his career, Suchet starts talking about his drama school days and family upbringing, sharing some amusing stories about early experiences and his supportive family. As the interview progresses, he alternates between engaging with the audience and talking to Wansell, with the camera operators elegantly mapping his movements. Whilst it is most likely scripted, aside from some demonstrations and monologues by Suchet, the entire show feels very relaxed, providing an intimate viewing experience for Original Online subscribers.

Watching 'David Suchet - Poirot and More: A Retrospective' from home

Production structure

Following an interview format, the structure was always going to feel a little discontinuous, but in places the show darts around Suchet’s career with a limited sense of direction. Exacerbated by the inclusion of the Amadeus monologue at the start of the second act with little context, in places the production lacks a cohesive structure. That being said, I admired the fact that audiences are able to learn from the creative himself, through watching live segments of his work and a refreshing breakdown of Shakespearean language.

How to watch this fascinating filmed retrospective

‘David Suchet – Poirot and More: A Retrospective’ provides a comprehensive insight into the actor’s extensive career on stage and film. Even if you aren’t a fan of Poirot, you can still enjoy this deeply personal reflection on the respected actor’s years in the industry. Original Online members can access the show now via their monthly subscription or anyone can rent this specific production for £7.99, which includes 48 hours of access. If you’re interested in signing up to the platform and making the most of the company’s portfolio of shows, head to Original Theatre’s website to find out more (prices start from £8.99 per month).

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*I was given press access to David Suchet – Poirot and More: A Retrospective in exchange for an unbiased review.



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