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Hello World. Who is Mouse Chick?

Hi there, I am Mouse Chick: a new Disney, lifestyle and travel blogger from the UK. In day-to-day life I go by the name of Kat, somewhat ironic as this blog is going to be about visiting the mouse, but I am a technology student at the University of Kent with a love for exploring new places, visiting themed restaurants and going to Disneyland.

Since 2013 I have been involved with blogging, and I even have a little YouTube channel for vlogs, but I have never really attempted it properly and wholeheartedly until now. Victoria MacGrath of ‘inthefrow’ has one of the most beautiful blogs, and it was through being an avid follower of her that I thought: I need to do blogging right this time. I’m currently on holiday from University, where I study website development, video editing and programming, so I have taken this freedom period as an opportunity to launch myself officially into the blogosphere – and thus, this is how Mouse Chick begins.

Today on Christmas Eve, Mouse Chick officially launches, and I cannot wait for the future of this blog. Mouse Chick has been designed with mobile, tablet and desktop in mind, so you should be able to view my content on whatever device suits you.

A short introduction to the Mouse Chick blog to begin with, but hopefully this has given you an insight of what’s to come. I’d absolutely love it if you’d follow the blog and my adventures, and you can do so via the Bloglovin’ button and social media icons above.

Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for reading!
Mouse Chick 


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