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Bath & Beauty Haul – El’s Belles, Kent

I visited a beautiful bath and pamper products store in Sandwich, Kent yesterday and after chatting to the shop owner, I couldn’t not write a blog post about it. Filled with every bath and beauty product you could ever dream of, El’s Belles is every girly girl’s heaven. Studying in Canterbury means that I’m close to some wonderful coastal towns, and Sandwich is one of these places. The streets are adorned with rows of unique one-off stores, and El’s Belles is one of them.

Bath bombs, candles and soaps to name a few, all of the products are so wonderfully laid out and well presented. 
The candle display was the the one that caught my eye the most. Look at all the wonderful packaging and creative product names!
Won over by the collection of pretty things, I couldn’t resist making a few purchases. I bought a vibrant strawberry soap shaped like a swirl and a bag of her different flavoured heart guest soaps. Each of the guest soaps were 35p, and at such an affordable price, I opted to try nearly all of the flavours. I’m especially excited to try the orange, lavender and coconut ones.
The lady who owns the store gave me some samples of other products to try too: lavender smoothie, carrot cleansing milk and fruity bath powder. It was so kind of her! I can’t wait to try these other products.
If you’re ever in Kent, make sure you visit El’s Belles – an affordable bath and beauty store in a lovely location.

Thank you for reading my blog today.
Love Mouse Chick 


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