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How to save money on days out

In between our international trips, we like to fill our weekends with days out and staycations around the UK. Whether it’s a trip to London for some museums or a weekend in a different part of the country, we always try and make time for seeing attractions and places in our home country. The only downside about this is the fact that tourist attractions and hotels in the UK are much more expensive than abroad and when you’re trying to plan things regularly, it can be difficult to stick to a budget. I’m quite savvy when it comes to finding deals for days out, so I thought I’d talk about my top tips for saving money on days out in today’s post.

Gypsy Moth pub and the Cutty Sark, Greenwich

1. Use discount codes!

Sightseeing in Greenwich at the Royal Observatory

The likes of Voucher Codes and Voucher Cloud are perfect for budget travellers. There are often 25% off voucher codes for Virgin Experience Days or Buy A Gift, which bring your attraction entry prices down by a small margin.

2. Book your tickets in advance.

The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

Tourist attraction tickets will nearly always be cheaper if you book them prior to your visit. Yes it means that you have to commit to a date, but if you’re prepared to plan your days out in advance you can save money.

3. Take lunch with you.

Illustrative postcard of Greenwich in Greenwich Park

Days out start to get expensive when you pay for food and drink, as well as transport and tickets. Why not take a packed lunch and a bottle of water with you? At lunchtime you can then sit outside picnic-style and it will hardly cost you anything compared to buying lunch out.

4. Two for one days out by train.

A quote on the wall at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich

This is something that I’ve learnt about fairly recently, but if you travel by train you can easily get 2 for 1 tourist attraction tickets. We are planning to make the most of this whilst our Canadian friend is staying with us in the UK, as we will be going to lots of London tourist attractions and travelling by train on most of the days that she’s here.

5. If there’s a group of you, travel by car.

Meridian Line, Greenwich
If you travel by car the petrol price can be shared between you, which is often much cheaper than each of you having to pay for train or bus tickets. Recently we found that it’s much more affordable for us to drive to Brighton for the day and also pay for parking, than get the train to London and back.
Hopefully these tips have shown you that days out don’t always have to be expensive. If you just plan ahead and work out all of the costs in advance, you can end up saving a lot of money on days out.
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