Strawberry picking in Essex

When I was in The Range a while ago, I found a book of fruit-themed craft paper. I didn’t initially have any use for the paper, but as soon as I scanned through the book, I saw a sheet of strawberry paper. I immediately said to Stuart “Strawberries… why don’t we go strawberry picking this Summer?” and a few weeks after that conversation, I ended up at Cammas Hall Fruit Farm with my family picking strawberries on a Saturday afternoon.

Strawberry picking at Cammas Hall Fruit Farm in Essex

The strawberry picking season starts in June and we were at the fruit farm on it’s opening weekend. Picking your own strawberries is not cheap compared to buying the fruit at a supermarket, but it’s a novelty experience and fun for the whole family, so you quickly forget about the cost of the fruit.

When we arrived at the farm, we saw a big ‘STRAWBERRY FIELDS’ sign at the side of the car park. I jumped out of the car and ran straight to get a photo, as it’s not often that you get to see such an instagrammable sign in the Essex countryside.

'STRAWBERRY FIELDS' sign at Cammas Hall Fruit Farm in Essex

My Mum picked up a basket at the entrance whilst we were distracted by the sign and started picking the fruit. She managed to pick quite a lot of strawberries before I caught up with her, so when I joined her it wasn’t long until our basket was full.

Strawberry plants at Cammas Hall Fruit Farm in Essex

As we were visiting the farm so early in the strawberry season, there weren’t many rows of strawberry plants ready for picking. Of the couple of rows that were open, you had to rummage amongst the plants to find edible fruit, but that’s what makes the strawberry picking experience so enjoyable! Whilst we were choosing fruit to pick, we found such a wide variety of different shaped strawberries, that would never make it to the supermarket shelves.

My family at Cammas Hall Fruit Farm in Essex

Once we’d finished, we paid for our strawberries at the tills in the shop, which had lots of fruit-themed merchandise as well as cream and ice cream that you could purchase to go with your strawberries. We didn’t buy any of the extras as we had yoghurt back at my parents’ house, but the ice cream looked delicious!

The shop and tills at Cammas Hall Fruit Farm in Essex

We had a lovely time fruit picking and after our afternoon at Cammas Hall, I actually had an excuse to get the fruit-themed craft paper. If you’re looking for something different to do this Summer, I’d highly recommend visiting a fruit farm.

Have you ever been strawberry picking?
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