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Perfect Etsy Gifts for Disney fans – featuring itslizi, cheersearsxo and Alice Vitrum!

I could browse Etsy all day long, looking at all the beautiful handmade items. My lovely friend Priyanka introduced it to me last year at University, and since I’ve been hooked. You know how we all have that friend who picks the perfect birthday presents, well that’s Priyanka. She searches Etsy and other sites galore looking for unique and personal gifts, and for my birthday last year, she found these beautiful Disney watercolour prints. Amazed at how wonderful they were, I had to ask her where she’d bought them, and she mentioned Etsy. Etsy is now my favourite site to purchase extra special Disney things and that brings me onto todays post: perfect Etsy gifts for disney fans!


A few weeks ago I was browsing Twitter and I came across Lizi’s Etsy page. If you don’t know Lizi, she’s a Disney blogger over at and she makes the most wonderful Disney crafts and gifts. Amazed by all of the beautiful things in her Etsy store, I quickly messaged her and asked if she could make me a letter ornament. I love Frozen, and after seeing that she could make Frozen ones, I requested a ‘K’ with Princess Anna on it.

This week has been a bit crazy for me with University work, so I’ve had to take a bit of a step back from the blogging world and stay focused on deadlines. On Thursday, I received a handwritten envelope in the post, and totally unaware of what it could be, I opened it to find a note from Lizi and one of her lovely Disneyland-themed London Underground postcards! It was such a lovely surprise, especially after I’d had an exhausting day at University. She sent me the ‘Fantasyland’ one and Fantasyland is my favourite land at Disneyland, so it was a great choice. It was such a sweet gesture of her. Having seen one of her postcards, I was now even more excited to see the final letter!

It arrived the next day and it was exactly what I had wanted! It even came wrapped in beautiful Bambi and Thumper paper and covered in Mickey Mouse confetti. Lizi pays so much attention to detail with her orders, even her notes are on tsum tsum paper!
If the photos and positive words haven’t persuaded you, please make sure you go and check out Lizi’s store here. She’s so talented and is putting her creativity into such a wonderful little business.


Next up is the floral and glittery Minnie Mouse ears by Sabrina: the owner of Etsy store ‘cheersearsxo’. Amy of ‘Paint Potted’ and Bec Phillips on YouTube, directed me to Sabrina’s store when I was looking for some custom pairs for my August Disneyland Paris trip. I wanted to DisneyBound as Anna and Rapunzel, and Sabrina was a star at making me some wonderful pairs to coordinate with my outfits.

Unfortunately her store is shut at the moment as she’s back at University, but when Summer comes around, you know where to look for pretty floral and glittery ears!

Alice Vitrum

The final items I’m going to mention are Charlotte Appleyard’s Disney necklaces. My parents have bought me a couple for my Birthday in April and I can’t wait to show you them. They’re absolutely beautiful and such a perfect way to add some Disney to an everyday outfit.
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading today’s post.
These Etsy shops are all so fantastic – I totally recommend them if you’re ever on the look out for something Disney, that’s not available in a high street store.
Thank you for reading my blog today.
Love Mouse Chick 



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