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Pink & Print – A Winter Outfit

“I believe in pink.” Audrey Hepburn

This season, I’ve fallen in love with bright jumpers and bold printed leggings. There’s something about colour and patterns, that just makes Winter that bit more joyful, and this season particularly, I’ve tried to stay away from the classic ‘jumper and jeans’ look. Whenever I go shopping in Winter, I find that most of the colours on offer are dark reds, greys, browns and blacks. As much as I love these colours, I want my Winter Wardrobe to be more colourful and fun, and this Winter I’ve really taken to wearing vibrant jumpers! For today’s post, I’m going to talk you through one of my go-to Winter looks: ‘pink and prints’, hoping to inspire you to have the guts to make your Winter Wardrobe that bit more exciting!

Why pink?

Pink makes me think of pretty flowers in Spring and Summer, so when I wear a classic pink jumper, I forget about the cold snap that’s taken over the past few months. Such a bold pink is difficult to find, so not only do I feel happy and Summery wearing it, it also makes me feel unique and confident. I totally recommend you purchasing one if you’re a fan of pink. Mine was bought for a bargain £12 in Next’s post-Christmas sale, but I found a similar one in Gap’s sale here.

Why print?

For leggings, it depends how crazy a print you’re looking for. I always opt for a bold and eye-catching jumper, so I try to find either dark or monochrome printed leggings. I’m a fan of tartan, checked or striped leggings, because they’re bold but classic options. If you’re interested in a similar pair to the ones I’m wearing, you can find some on the New Look website here; I purchased mine also from New Look, but in my first year at University! I’ve worn this pair so much, they were definitely a great buy.

Credit to Ben Miller
Why the combination?
It provides you with this amalgamation of pretty colour and classic, striking pattern. It shows confidence, without sticking to the popular monochrome.
Pair it with a pair of heeled leather books, and that’s the look. It’s my favourite Winter look this season, and I’m too often seen wearing it on campus.
How do you keep your Winter wardrobe fun and exciting?
Thank you for reading my blog today.
Love Mouse Chick 


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