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50s Fashion II – The Grease Leather Look

The 50s fashion posts continue on Mouse Chick and today’s look is far from the vibrant colours and polka dots of Wednesday’s outfit. Grease has been one of my favourite movies since I was a toddler and it really is the perfect 50s movie. I have always loved Olivia Newton-John’s ‘You’re The One That I Want’ look and for today’s post, I’m showing you how I recreate the girl-next-door turned bad girl look for an everyday outfit.

The Leather

Olivia Newton-John’s outfit is an all black mix of leather and lycra. Unfortunately I don’t own own either of these, but my PVC skirt and jacket (both Dorothy Perkins) still have a leathery look, so they are an affordable and effective substitute. The jacket was bought from Dorothy Perkins and the skirt Miss Selfridge.


For my top, I opt for an off-the-shoulder cropped number, purchased from H & M. It’s looser fitting than Olivia’s original one, but then since when did Hollywood ever adhere to comfort? Olivia’s option probably stuck to her like glue and I couldn’t deal with that in an everyday situation.

Shoes and Red Accessories

Olivia is known for her iconic red heels in ‘You’re The One That You Want’, but I’m nearly 5 ft 9 and heels just make me feel too tall, so I opt for a red 50s-style hair accessory instead. I put the top half of my hair up and then simply tie the scarf around my head. Instead of heels, I wore a pair of my patent black sandals. Red lipstick is the last thing and wearing my Rimmel Kate Moss ‘111 The Kiss of Life’ gave me the perfect Sandy red.

The Classic Curls

I could never get my hair as curly as Sandy’s, partly because of how long it is and it can’t hold curls very well, but an easy alternative for me is to simply plait my hair straight after washing it. After leaving it 8 hours, when I untie the braid my hair is usually quite wavy and it has a lot of volume. This process gives me big hair like Olivia Newton John, but in a way appropriate for my hair and without involving heat.

So with the curls intact, it completes my Grease-inspired look.
Let me know in the comments what you think.
Are you a Grease fan?
Thank you for reading my blog today.
Love Mouse Chick 


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