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February Favourites – Fashion, Beauty, Disney, Food & Drink

It’s the start of another month of 2016 and I thought I’d begin March with a round up of my favourite things in February. February has been a very busy month for me with University deadlines, show choir rehearsals most evenings and running my little blog. Amongst my busy schedule though, I’ve encountered some new favourite things and I’m going to show you them in today’s post.

If you saw my ‘Pink & Print’ fashion post a couple of weeks ago, you’d notice that the checked leggings and pink clutch from that outfit are featured in this. Printed leggings have been a favourite of mine this month and when I’ve worn a classic monochrome pair, I’ve accessorised them with a bright clutch – just like the shimmery pink one above. The rest of my fashion favourites are my New Look high-necked jumper, my bargain £3 black New Look clutch (it was so cheap because I found it in perfect condition in a charity shop) and some hair accessories and jewellery. The jewelled hairband (Accessorize) and coloured earrings (Trend store in Downtown Disney, Florida) are proof exactly of how much I’ve loved bright accessories this month.

Now onto beauty. I’m no expert when it comes to make up; I’m just a fan of affordable girly and sparkly products. This month I’m loving my Rimmel Glam’eyes palette, my Body Shop silver glitter eyeliner and Grapefruit lip butter, Lush’s ‘The Kiss’ lip scrub and my OPI Nail varnish in .
Moving away from make-up products, my friend gave me an adorable elephant compact mirror as a late Christmas gift and it’s so cute! Who doesn’t love elephants and pretty patterns? It’s small and thin so perfect for my handbag. Thanks Daniella, it’s such a lovely present!
 My Primark Minnie Mouse make-up bag is my final beauty favourite this month. I bought it on a whim late last year and have only started to use it recently. It’s so pretty, I love the pastel colours!

Disney favourites next. You’ll see my letter from Lizi is pictured above; how could I not include it in my monthly favourites? It’s so lovely! Next is my mini Olaf tsum tsum and my Rapunzel Disneyland Paris shoe. Little Olaf is so adorable, a wonderful Christmas present from my boyfriend, and the glittery shoe has made the perfect addition to my Uni window ledge this month.
The Inside Out notebook is my last Disney favourite and with sections for each character, it’s been so helpful at University. Each module has it’s own slot and my University notes have been so much more organised thanks to this book! 
Food and Drink

Last but not least, it’s time to talk about food and drink. Throughout the Winter months, there’s nothing nicer than coming home to a warm cup of tea. Yorkshire Tea and Tetley Lemon Green Tea have got me through February and they’re definitely my favourite teas on the market at the moment. I don’t think you can get a better English Breakfast tea than Yorkshire and the lemon green tea when combined with honey is such a sweet and refreshing warm drink.
If you’re a hot chocolate fanatic, you’ll have heard of choc-o-lait. Instantly melted once they’re dunked in hot milk, choc-o-lait are hot chocolate sticks that every chocoholic needs to try. I had them for the first time about six years ago in a Brighton café and I’ve been hooked ever since. They’re the perfect hot chocolates in my book!

My final food favourite is Jordans’ Frusli bars in apple and cinnamon. Apple and cinnamon is one of my favourite flavour combinations and these bars are a healthy, yet delicious cereal bar. I’ve been having them in packed lunches the last few weeks and I can’t recommend them enough.

So that’s it for my February favourites.
Let me know some of yours in the comments!

Thanks for reading my blog today.

Love Mouse Chick 



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