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My Disney Home – Artwork & Collectables

As you’d expect with any Disney fan, I love adding a bit of Disney magic to my home. Filled with artwork, plush toys and ornaments, my house has little bits of Disney in every corner. For today’s post I thought I’d show you all my beloved Disney items and give you a bit of inspiration for how you could add a bit of Disney to your home.


Artwork is always a good place to start if you want to spruce up some plain walls. My Etsy watercolour prints above are really colourful and bright, adding a bit of abstract creativity to classic Disney figures. My University friends bought them for me for my birthday last year, and they’re so beautiful. I’d love to expand my collection of these and get a Beauty and the Beast one!

My Own Artwork!

I mentioned a few weeks ago on Twitter that I love to paint and draw Disney characters. Two of my pieces are on the wall in my bedroom now: my Alice in Wonderland tea party scene and the Tangled ‘I See The Light’ scene. If you like drawing or painting, have a go at recreating Disney characters. That way, you can adapt the colour scheme and style of the iconic pictures, so that they fit in well with your home interior.

Walt Disney World Artwork

This sketch of Walt, Mickey and Cinderella Castle is my favourite piece of Disney artwork out there. If you could some up Disney for me, I think it would be this image. It takes Disney back to when ‘it all started with a mouse’ and I don’t think you can get more special than that. Classic Disney pieces are an absolute must-have!
If you’ve been to Walt Disney World, then you’ll know about the animation sketches. At each of the theme parks and Disney Springs, there’s an animation store that sells bespoke Disney artwork, ornaments and Disney prints. There’s an Art desk inside each of these stores and a Walt Disney World artist on hand taking drawing requests. Probably one of the loveliest keepsakes available at Walt Disney World, I totally recommend you requesting a drawing like these. Olaf and Piglet are the current ones I have on my wall, but I also have a Minnie Mouse one too. They’re a little on the pricey side at around $40 for just the sketch, but the fact that you get to choose the image, the colour scheme and the message makes them great value for money; think of it as buying a commissioned Disney piece!

Disney Traditions

Jim Shore ‘Disney Traditions’ are my favourite Disney figurines. Beautifully painted and styled like wood carvings, these ornaments capture the best moments of Disney. My Mum and I have been collecting them for a few years now and as you can tell from the photos, our collection is growing! If you’re interested in starting to collect something that is extra special and Disney, the Disney Traditions are for you. The Beauty and the Beast one is my favourite, but I love how there’s such a range of characters on offer!

Disney Plush Toys

Last but not least, it’s Disney plush toys. No Disney home is complete without them and whenever I go to the Disney Store, Disneyland Paris or Walt Disney World, I’m always tempted into buying a new one. A special mention goes to the big Dopey pictured below, how cute is he? Disney plush toys really are an adorable addition to your home.

That’s it for today, all the lovely things that make my house a Disney home!
What are your favourite Disney items in your house?
Thank you for reading my blog today.
Love Mouse Chick 



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