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My Disney Necklace Collection

I’ve worn Disney necklaces nearly everyday of 2016 and they’re quickly becoming a statement part of my everyday fashion. For Christmas, my boyfriend bought me the most beautiful vintage 1950s Minnie Mouse locket and ever since, I’ve really taken to wearing Disney jewellery. For today’s post, I thought I’d show you my Disney necklace collection.

When I look for necklaces, I either opt for classic, simple designs or bold statement pieces. For me, a necklace can be what brings excitement to an outfit; it’s an accessory that can turn a relatively plain top or dress into something way more interesting and dynamic.

The Classic Disney Necklace
My Minnie Mouse locket is an example of the first type I go for and it can be worn with absolutely anything. Currently I wear it in both the day and the evening, and it’s the perfect way to wear a little bit of Disney without making it too big a part of your outfit. It’s absolutely beautiful and something I could honestly not go without now. 
If you’re interested in getting Disney jewellery that’s not too loud, I’d suggest going for something simple like this. Silver is always the best option if you’re after a Disney piece that will add that subtle bit of Disney magic to your look.

The Bolder Pieces – Alice Vitrum
I’ve purchased my much more vibrant pieces from Alice Vitrum on Etsy. For the online shop, Charlotte Appleyard makes colourful necklaces that showcase some of Disney’s classic moments. I mentioned that I was getting some of these necklaces in my Etsy Disney gifts post a couple of weeks ago and much to my delight, my Mum gave them to me as an early Birthday present when she came to visit.
Of the two Alice Vitrum necklaces I own, my favourite is the Hercules and Meg design. The blue and purple tones make it the perfect accessory to go with my wardrobe and the image is absolutely adorable. As a big Hercules fan, how could I not love it?

My Mum purchased the Hercules necklace during Charlotte’s February ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ promotion and I received the ‘Snow and Charming’ design too, at no extra cost. It shows a very happy Snow White in Prince Charming’s arms, and as Snow White has been my favourite Disney Princess since I was little, it’s a lovely piece to have. At the moment, my favourite time to wear it is with a high necked jumper and red lip. A bold red lip is very Snow after all, so it’s the perfect way to pick up the reds in the necklace and also take on the iconic Princess’s look.

So that’s my Disney necklaces. I absolutely love them and can’t wait to grow my collection even more.
Are you a fan of Disney jewellery?
Where do you purchase yours from?
Thank you for reading my blog today.
Love Mouse Chick 



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