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25 Favourite Things to Do at Disney Parks according to Disney Bloggers!

Whenever I visit a Disney Park, there’s certain things I always have to do, whether it’s meet a Princess, watch the fireworks; every trip I have my list of absolute must-do’s. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to ask other Disney bloggers what their favourite thing to do at Disney is and that is how this list was born.

1. Meet Mickey & Minnie together!

Steph (Steph Ros Photography)

PC: Steph (Steph Ros Photography)

My top thing to do in a Disney park is to always try and meet Mickey! He is the boss and my favourite! If Minnie is there with him too, I recommend that as it was the best memory and they’re adorable!

2. Take a selfie in front of the castle.

Lottie (Lottie Does)

PC: Lottie (Lottie Does)

Ok, well for me the most magical part of a trip is the first time you walk down Main Street and see the castle, and yes, there is always a selfie involved! I’m also a real sucker for tradition, and I always try to make sure my first ride is either Jungle Cruise or Pirates of the Caribbean at WDW or Disneyland, or Dumbo at DLP!

3. Watch Disney Dreams at Disneyland Paris.

Lizi (It’s Lizi)

PC: Lizi (It’s Lizi)

There’s a lot of things I love to do at Disneyland Paris, but as much as I like all the attractions it would break my heart if I didn’t see Disney Dreams! as least once during my trip as I’ve always been a fan of firework shows and Disney Dreams! is that and more.

4. Watch a parade!

Jade (Outside the Tower) and Beth (That Suthers Kid)

PC: Jade (Outside The Tower)

Outside the Tower:

For me the most important thing to do in a Disney park particularly DLP, is watch a parade. Every parade experience is different, even though the music and character’s may be the same, the interactions are always so different. Having an amazing parade interaction really makes a trip.

PC: Beth (That Suthers Kid)

That Suthers Kid:

I think an absolute must do when visiting Disneyland Paris is watching magic on parade! It’s exactly what it says in the name, magic. It’s such a joy to watch and gives everyone the chance to spot their favourite Disney characters from The Blue Fairy to Rapunzel to King Louie to Captain Hook. It really brings a smile to everyone’s faces, even someone who might not be as Disney obsessed as you because it’s just such a lovely thing to see. Even my grump of a boyfriend enjoyed it. So if you visit, make sure you get there early before the parade starts to secure a good spot and get ready to wave like a mad person at all the wonderful characters!

5. Book a character dining experience!

Mandy Jean (Mandy Jean World)

PC: Mandy Jean

You’ll get to see a brill selection of Disney characters while dining in comfort and relaxation with yummy food. Character Dining is always a highlight of every Disneyland trip for me; there’s plenty of opportunity for photos, character interaction and you’ll come away with some amazing memories to keep.

6. Meet Peter Pan!

Amy (Cocktails in Teacups)

PC: Amy (Cocktails in Teacups)

If you didn’t know already, Amy has a little girl called Liv or ‘Little Miss’ – which she refers to online.

They post their Disney adventures on Instagram over at and for them, seeing Peter Pan is the most important thing. They have some lovely photos with Peter Pan and LM can always be seen wearing the most adorable outfits on their Disney trips!

7. Ride Pirates of the Caribbean!

Ellen Frances

PC: Ellen Frances

When I was younger, just before I went to Disneyland Paris for the first time, my mum bought me all of the Pirate of the Caribbean films on DVD and I was hooked! To this day, almost ten years later, when I smell that chlorine and hear the songs, I’m transported into a world where adventure is just on the horizon.

8. Watch the Magic Kingdom Welcome show.

Lydia (Lifestyle of Lydia) and Rachael Nicole
PC: Lydia (Lifestyle of Lydia)

Lifestyle of Lydia:

One of the important things I like to do when visiting the parks is watch the welcome show at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. I just think it’s a great introduction to the Magic Kindom.

Rachel Nicole:

On my first day at Walt Disney World I have to get up in time for the welcome show, it’s so magical and the perfect way to start the holiday!

9. Eat Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Ellie (Initially Camera Shy)
PC: Ellie (Initially Camera Shy)
Me and my best friend Lucy always have to snack on our obligatory Mickey ice cream sandwiches. We are obsessed with their chocolatey goodness. They are so refreshing and delicious. Plus everything tastes better when it’s Mickey shaped right?

10. Ride It’s a Small World.

Emily (Hollywood and Lime)
PC: Emily (Hollywood and Lime)

The most important thing that I have to do at Disneyland Paris, is go on ‘It’s a Small World’. This is my favourite attraction in the park. I love the song, and I love the dolls. Everything about ‘It’s A Small World to me’ is perfection. It is always the first ride I go on when I get to the park, and it is always my last. I have been on occasions where it has been closed, but I have been lucky enough to get a picture beside the fountain. Even though this was nowhere near as good as actually being able to go on the ride itself, it still made me feel a little bit better.

11. Meet Ariel. 

Silvia Snow
PC: Silvia Snow

When you go to Disney Parks, you must meet one of your favourite characters! I love meeting Ariel at her grotto in Walt Disney World.

12. Take a family photo in front of the castle.

Bel (Journeys Are My Diary)

PC: Bel (Journeys Are My Diary)

Our first is definitely to take a picture in front of the castle. We’ve been to DLP three times and Florida once hit every time the first thing we have to do is take a castle pic! When we were in Florida, we visited MK about 10 times and each time I insisted on another castle pic!

13. Be the last one on Main Street!

Sarah (Belle’s Moments)
PC: Sarah (Belle’s Moments)
There are many things I really like to try and make sure I do on every Disney visit but none more so than be the last or at least one of the remaining few on Main Street. It was something I’d seen people talk about for a while and imagined how amazing it would be, nothing prepared me for the complete overwhelming feeling of magic and happiness. I cannot even put into words how special it feels, you need to experience it to see what I mean but it is now my top must do for every single trip if possible.

14. Ride Big Thunder Mountain.

Sophie (Beneath the Clocktower) & Jackie (Creative Disney)
PC: Jackie (Creative Disney)
Beneath the Clocktower:

There are so many must-do aspects of a Disney trip that it’s difficult to just choose one, but one of my ultimate favourite things to do is ride something that everyone holidaying with you adores just as much as you. For my family and I, there are many rides that fall into this category, but Big Thunder Mountain has to be my top choice. Not only is it a fixture at all the Disney Resorts I’ve been lucky enough to visit, it’s one of the top choices of everyone in my family, and once ridden, we truly feel like we’re at a Disney park.

Creative Disney:

If you know about Magic Kingdom, which I assume you do, you will know it’s built up of several different themed areas. My favourite is a toss up between Adventureland and Frontierland.
The thing I always do and would recommend is go on Big Thunder mountain at night. The best time is when Wishes is on, this is because the rides become empty. It gives you the opportunity to get off the ride, run around and get right back on. 

Sometimes the attendants are even nice enough to let you stay on and just go back around again.  The thrill of this ride is so much better at night because you can’t see the dips on the ride, all of the extras are lit up so you notice them more and my most favourite thing is that you can watch wishes from the top of the coaster. 

The colours, the sounds, the thrill and the fun, I wish I could do this every day.

15. Meet Rapunzel.

Tania Michele
PC: Tania Michele
Here’s a photo of me with Rapunzel (and my friend and her daughter!). It’s something I adore about the parks because it’s so magical – plus I LOVE Punzie! 

16. Kiss your other half in front of the castle.

Lucy (Lou Jay)
P.C. Lucy (Lou Jay)
Every time we go, we have to have a picture of us kissing in front of the castle. It’s because we want to make a little collage up until our Disney wedding where we will have our wedding photos in front of the castle.

17. Ride Peter Pan’s Flight.

Megan Goodier and Sophie Kean
PC: Megan Goodier
Megan Goodier:
The most important thing for me to do is to go on Peter Pan’s Flight.
How gorgeous is this photo Megan took? I absolutely adore the colours.

PC: Sophie Kean

Sophie Kean:

For me it’s definitely riding Peter Pan’s Flight. It was my first ride when I went to Disneyland Paris and as it’s one of my favourite films, it holds a dear place in my heart!

18. Talk along with the ride introductions.

Lisa (Faraway Lisa Mae)

P.C. Lisa (Faraway Lisa Mae) 

The top thing I have to do when I visit a Disney park is talk along with all the ride intros. No matter if it’s the ‘wildest ride in the wilderness’, or if it’s a room with ‘no windows and no doors’, I love to dramatically channel the famous voice overs. I may forget little things from day to day, but I’ll always remember the Spanish for ‘please stand away from the doors’ just before the monorail sets off. It makes me feel like I haven’t been away for very long at all, even though I might have not been to Disney for a few years.

19. Meet Snow White.

Sammy Jayne
PC: Sammy Jayne
My top thing to do when at any Disney park is to find your favourite character. Whoever that may be, try and find them. You may not find them every time you visit, but it’s so worth it when you do! My ultimate fave is Snow White and out of my four Disneyland Paris trips so far, I have only met her twice but the two times I have, have been right at the end of the holiday and literally the last thing I’ve done in the parks before going home. Those two times have made my trips so special because there is nothing quite like meeting your fave (especially when she is with her Prince too!)

20. Take a photo of the castle, framed with Mickey ears.

Nicola (Nicoohlala)
PC: Nicola (Nicoohlala)
So the thing I have to do on every Disney trip is take a photo of the castle with my ears framing it.

I’ve never done this at a Disney park; it’s such a lovely idea! It’s perfect for Instagram.

21. Ride Mine Train at Magic Kingdom.

Charlotte, Alice Vitrum
PC: Charlotte (Alice Vitrum)
Mine train is so much fun, and although its fairly new at WDW, I’d have to say its one of my favourites!

22. Take a photo in Alice’s Labyrinth at Disneyland Paris.

Danielle (Underland to Wonderland)
PC: Danielle (Underland to Wonderland)

One thing that has become a must-do for me on a Disneyland Paris visit is something a little different to the usual things like ‘Take a ride on Dumbo at Sunrise’ or ‘Meet Mickey’ (both of which I like to do too!).

It’s something that happened unintentionally and now I hope to do on every visit.
On my first visit in 1996, I of course had many photos of myself taken, but little did I know on my 2010 trip that I’d actually had the exact same photo taken on both visits – standing beside the Caterpillar in Alice’s Labyrinth! 
So now each time I go I always make a point of taking a photo in beside the Caterpillar.
So that’s all of the contributions from my blogger friends. I thought I’d finish the post by telling you 3 of mine for Walt Disney World!

23. If you ever get the chance, stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

It’s such a beautiful resort and you get to wake up to views of giraffes and other animals.

24. Have breakfast at Ohana at the Polynesian Resort.

A Polynesian-themed breakfast complete with Disney characters; Ohana is my favourite of the Walt Disney World character breakfasts.

25. Ride Soarin’ at Epcot.

It’s such a clever ride! Plus, you get to fly over Disneyland California at the end; what more could you want?
Thank you so much for reading today’s post. I hope this gives you a bit of inspiration for your next Disney trip.
A huge thank you to all of the bloggers who were involved, I really enjoyed putting the post together.
Let me know in the comments what your favourite things to do at Disney Parks are.
Love Mouse Chick 


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