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60s Fashion – The Hairspray Look

I’ve really enjoyed creating vintage looks for Mouse Chick lately and for today’s post, I wanted to look at a new era: the 60s! What I mean by the 60s is in fact Hairspray (2007 version). Hairspray has some amazing costumes, showcasing lots of 60s trends and I especially love the bold dresses. In the movie finale ‘You Can’t Stop the Beat’, Nikki Blonsky wears a gorgeous white and black sequin dress. Somewhat striking and unlike the dresses in the earlier parts of the movie, I absolutely adore it and I decided to create a look inspired by this specific dress for today’s post.

Before I begin, I’ve opted for a sequin-less option for this look because I want it to be wearable during the day or for a casual evening too; sequins are a bit too restrictive in my book. For the dress, I opted for this strapless white textured number. With a black neckline, it has the detail of Nikki’s dress, without being too over the top and sparkly. I absolutely love it; it has such a retro feel to it. I bought this dress in a sale a while ago, so it isn’t available to purchase anymore, but click here for a similar one from H & M.
I next paired it with some heeled black boots. Nikki wears white boots, but I’m not a fan of them myself, so I went for a simple black pair instead. They make the look a little less bold and I prefer that.
The final touches were a white ribbon for a headband, some sixties style earrings and some monochrome bracelets.
A simple look, but I hope you like it! The costumes in Hairspray are amazing and I really enjoyed putting together this outfit.

Thank you for reading my blog today.
Love Mouse Chick 



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