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Prague – Part 1!

There’s been two things that have got me through the Spring semester at Uni: this blog and the fact that I’d be going away to Prague in April. Anyone that knows me well, knows that photography and travelling are two of my favourite things. There’s something about picking up my camera and wandering through unknown streets, that just makes me feel so happy and clear-headed – I get such a buzz from exploring! Now you know this, you can imagine my delight when my boyfriend mentioned that he wanted to take me to Prague for my birthday; I was so excited! Last week we hopped on a plane with Uni friends and this is how the Mouse Chick in Prague story begins.


On Saturday 9th April, we boarded the plane from Gatwick to Prague, arriving at Hostel ELF late afternoon. We got lost on the first day for a good couple of hours, but after speaking to some really lovely Czech people, we managed to find our way using the public transport system. We’re just so grateful that my friend printed out some Google Maps directions to the hostel – even if they were in Czech haha!

Hostel ELF
Hostel ELF

After a long day travelling, we had an early night at the hostel and tried some local Czech cuisine. As someone who doesn’t eat a lot of meat, the menu wasn’t so easy to navigate, but when we discovered a burger option, I was sorted. The food was fab and so cheap too, much like the rest of Prague as we later discovered – lots of places offer a drink and meal for under a tenner! A great first day, even if the weather was colder than expected, we soon retired to the hostel so that we’d be well rested for Day 2.


On Sunday morning, we were up bright and early, so we explored the local area a bit. We had breakfast in the hostel, it was included which was great, and then we headed to Old Town Square to hit the tourist hotspots.

Old Town Square was our hub for the trip, we spent a lot of time there and it was our meeting point whenever we went off to explore separately. We watched the square’s clock strike on the hour, the characters by the clock-face move a bit, and then headed into the Town Hall so that we go up the top of the clock tower and see the whole city. The view was incredible; totally worth a visit!

A little hungry after all our wandering, we went to a cute Czech café for tea and cake. I ordered ginger tea and marble cake which were both delicious. It was located in a side street off the square and it was a nice shelter from the tourist madness.

In the afternoon, we visited the Prague Art Gallery, getting to see the works of Dali and Warhol. I studied both of these artists back at school, so it was nice to see their work in the flesh! I especially liked seeing all of the Warhol Marilyn Monroe pieces.

Dali: Melting Clocks

Warhol: Campbell’s Soup Cans
Warhol: Marilyn Monroe series

Mid-afternoon we walked back to the hostel to put our feet up for a bit, before heading to the Indian Spice restaurant next door for dinner. The food was great, even if the service wasn’t so much. I spent the rest of the evening relaxing at the hostel, looking at my photographs I’d taken that day and blog post writing.

That concludes part 1 of my Prague trip.
I hope you enjoyed it!
Come back next Friday for Part 2.
Thank you for reading my blog today.

Love Mouse Chick 


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