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Prague – Part 2!


On Monday morning, a few of us left the hostel early so that we could see the famous ‘Charles Bridge’ before the crowds later in the day. It was the perfect time to visit; there were very few people on the bridge, other than market sellers and a few early risers like ourselves.

Whatever direction you looked in, there was something amazing to see. Whether it was the reflections in the water, the castle at the end of the bridge or just the fab artwork being sold on the bridge itself, there were so many wonderful things to photograph. Charles Bridge is an absolute must-see if you’re visiting Prague!

After seeing Charles Bridge for the first time, we also had a little wander along the roads either side of the bridge. There was a beautiful area full of flowers by the riverside and I enjoyed just walking with my camera, trying to get ‘arty’ photos through the trees and flowers.

We met the rest of our group at 11:30, ready for an afternoon in the Jewish Quarter. We visited the Jewish Cemetry, Jewish Museum and the ‘Children’s Drawings from the Terezín Ghetto’ exhibition. It was so sad seeing what the Jewish people of Prague went through. I haven’t got any photos of this part of our trip, but this was out of respect for those that lost their lives in the holocaust. Personally, I didn’t feel it was appropriate to take photos of the memorials.
Later in the afternoon, we went back over Charles Bridge and headed up the hill to the Castle.
The views from the Castle grounds were amazing; you got to see all over the city! We didn’t go inside because it was quite expensive, but we still walked all around the outside. The architecture on the Castle grounds was amazing; there were pretty buildings wherever you walked.

Once we’d finished at the Castle, we headed back to the hostel for a brief rest. My boyfriend had found an amazing viewpoint the previous evening, so after we’d sat down for a bit, we headed straight up the hill behind the hostel to see all over Prague. Rather than photograph the amazing views, I couldn’t resist taking close up photos of the plants. I was fascinated by the beautiful flowers on the hill.

This hill spot was by far my favourite place in Prague and you can see my evening skyline pictures that were taken from there, in part 3 of this series.
We ended our day at a local Czech restaurant about 10 minutes from the hostel. The food was so yummy; I had a Mexican burger, fries and vegetables. This was the first place we went to that served beer in tankards. Here’s a picture of my boyfriend’s tankard because I’m not a fan of beer myself.
That marks the end of day 3 and part 2 of my Prague series.
Come back next week for part 3!
Thank you for reading my blog today.
Love Mouse Chick 


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