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Travelling on a budget: Let’s talk hostels!

Okay, so a slightly different-themed travel post today, but something I think is very important for any budding traveller. If you’re anything like myself, you’d happily hop on a plane tomorrow morning and explore somewhere new. The only thing is, this comes at a price and as someone who likes to visit lots of new places, I’ve had to come accustomed to travelling on a budget. Now for me, the most important thing is staying at a hostel wherever possible. Unlike hotels, you can find a decent hostel for upwards of £10 a night. Depending on what you’re comfortable with, you can book a bed in a dorm with others or you can book a private or double room for more like £30. I personally prefer to book a private room, just so we have some space, but either has it’s perks.

Generator Hostel Berlin Mitte

If you’re concerned about the quality of accommodation at hostels, then Hostel World and Hostel Bookers are your best friend. They have a very clear rating system, mentioning location, cleanliness etc and you can use the scores to see if a hostel is right for you. My view is that it’s a bed for the night, but equally I still want to stay in somewhere clean, in a good location and where there’s free wifi. When it comes to actually booking though, I wouldn’t necessarily suggest going with these sites. Sometimes you can get cheaper prices from the hostels direct or from other travel websites. It’s all about shopping around for the best prices; that extra fiver you save on accommodation could mean an extra museum visit when you’re away!

Nashville Downtown Hostel
Hostels are often run by some of the most knowledgable locals and they can recommend you absolute gems to visit; in Prague we were recommended some amazing local Czech restaurants by the staff at Hostel ELF! Wherever you stay, make an effort to ask the staff questions about the city and talk to them about your plans – they’re more than likely going to be able to provide you with accurate directions or insider knowledge about the place you’re visiting.

Hostel ELF, Prague

Lastly, what you need to remember is hostels are made for the budget traveller; they’re not luxury by any means. They’re usually quirky or a bit hipster and you’ll more often than not find impressive street art inside. Hostels are made for backpackers and they’re very basic accommodation, so you get what you pay for.

Generator Hostel: Berlin Mitte
Generator Hostel: Berlin Mitte

Since taking a real interest in travelling the last few years, I’ve stayed at a few hostels:
and I’ve got more booked for Summer, when I visit Poland in June and then inter-rail for 10 days in September.
I thoroughly recommend hostels and hope this post has provided you with a bit more information about what to expect from them.
Thank you for reading my blog today.
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