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How to save for travel!

Cost is one of the many things that puts people off travelling and it’s a shame that this is the case because travelling can actually be quite affordable. You don’t need the highest paying job in the world to visit exciting places, you just need to budget and shop around for prices. The longer in advance you plan a trip, the more time you have to save for it and you can actually save for travel in all kinds of ways – some that do not involve dipping into your pay packet. Today I’m going to be sharing my tips for how to save for travel.

1. Clear-outs and selling unwanted things.

I love a good clear-out! It’s therapeutic and you can end up finding things of value that you could sell on for a bit of extra cash. Whether it’s old cameras that you haven’t touched for a couple of years or books you’ve read, you’ll easily be able to make some money from them through eBay, Facebook community selling pages and Depop. I recently made over £150 just through selling unwanted items. It takes a lot of time, but it’s totally worth it when it’s money that can go straight in the travel pot.

2. Coppers and anything up to 20p in a jar.

Instead of letting your purse or wallet fill with coppers and small coins, why not collect them in a jar? This option isn’t a big money earner, but if you keep up with it for a long period of time, you might end up with enough for a meal or two on your next trip.

3. Allocate a certain amount of your salary each month as your ‘travel fund’.

Routine is good for you and if you always put the same amount away for travel every month, it’ll be as if it doesn’t exist in your everyday spending. Saving in small chunks like this is often more manageable and it doesn’t ever damage your pay packet too much.

4. Birthday and Christmas money into the travel pot.

Instead of presents for birthday and Christmas, ask family for money that you can add to your travel fund. For my 18th birthday I did this and I nearly had enough to purchase my 2 week Disney World ticket with it.

5. Odd jobs.

An easy way to earn some extra pennies is to pick up a few one-off odd jobs. I occasionally do some household jobs for my grandmother and babysit for our neighbours in my free time and this money gets allocated for travelling. These jobs aren’t time consuming either, so they don’t eat into your spare time too much.
I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post.
How do you save for travel?
Love Kat


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