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5 ways to save money when you’re travelling the USA

You’ve booked the trip of a lifetime to the USA and you’ve paid off the holiday, but the costs don’t end there, you have to budget for spending and souvenirs whilst you’re away. Today I’m going to be talking about how you can lower your daily expenditure whilst holidaying in the USA. I’ve visited 10 states in total and I’ve managed to gain a bit of knowledge about this across my trips, so let’s get onto the list!

1. Don’t over order in restaurants!

Portion sizes are much bigger in the USA than we’re used to in the UK. When I go out for dinner at home, I’d normally eat half a starter and half of a main, but in America, I can barely eat half of a main. Unless you’re exhausted and starving from walking around cities all day, only order a main course. Meals aren’t cheap in the USA and you don’t want to end up wasting money on food that doesn’t get eaten.

2. Book your tourist attraction tickets online before you go!

Tourist attractions can work out cheaper if you book them in advance. Whether it’s through the ticket price genuinely being cheaper, online discount codes or daily deal sites, you’ll save an extra few pennies purchasing online beforehand.

New Orleans Garden District Tour with Gray Line

3. Ride in an Uber wherever possible.

Most US cities now offer Uber services, so if it’s available opt for that instead of cabs. We saved a lot of money in Memphis, by getting an Uber instead of a yellow cab.

4. Don’t drink alcohol!

You’re on holiday, so you might not agree with this one, but honestly you’ll save so much money if you avoid drinking alcohol! I’m only 20, so I can’t drink in the States, but I spent a lot less money at dinnertime than my TrekAmerica friends, just because I was only ever ordering tap water or soft drinks. Whilst we’re on the topic of soft drinks now, if you can go without them it’s a good thing; it just keeps your restaurant bill down to the cost of a main course.

Under 21 in a US bar.

5. Buy your souvenirs at Walmart or Target, rather than in the tourist areas.

Don’t get caught in the trap of buying your souvenirs in city centres; you’ll get them much cheaper in Walmart or Target a few miles outside. Besides, does it really matter if you purchased your ‘I ❤ NY’ t-shirt in Times Square or at a local supermarket? Nobody’s going to know when you get home.

Let me know if these tips help you at all, they certainly helped me save money when I was budgeting on my TrekAmerica tour last year.
Thanks for reading.


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