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Mouse Chick is changing – A Disney fan’s budget travel blog.

First of all, welcome to the new Mouse Chick – a Disney fan’s budget travel blog. I hope you like the new header and site redesign, it should be a lot easier to navigate my blog from now on. You’re probably wondering why I decided to relaunch my blog and in this post I’m going to explain why.
If you’ve been following my blog and Instagram recently, you’d know there’s been a slight shift in the theme of my content. I’ve been posting a lot of old travelling photos and I’ve been straying away from pink and Disney.
Berlin with my best friend Priyanka
Now one thing I’ve never explained properly on this blog is that I’ve been saving extra spare penny I’ve had these past couple of years, so that I can visit places on my travel bucket list. I visited New Orleans and Nashville last year with TrekAmerica, Prague a couple of weeks ago, Berlin last year, I’m going to Poland in June, I’m inter-railing Europe in September; travel is a big part of my life and I don’t feel I’ve ever shown this properly on my blog.
The Great Smoky Mountains (Tennessee) with TrekAmerica.
I turned 20 last month and I’m about to finish my second year of University. I’ve loved having my blog since December, but until I went to Prague and shared my trip diaries with you, I really wasn’t happy with my blog content. I don’t know, since going on this trip, I’ve remembered how important seeing the world is to me: trying new food, visiting important historic sites, taking arty photos and writing about my experiences, that I’ve decided Mouse Chick is going to change and hopefully, for the better.
From the top of the Prague Clocktower.
So what does this mean? Well you’re still going to get your weekly dose of Disney, but it will be a minor part of this blog from now on. My focus is going to shift to travelling and what I’ve learnt these past couple of years: what it’s like to stay at hostels, how to find cheap flights, the best ways to save for travel, how to cope with long flights on your own and how to visit expensive cities on the cheap. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit quite a few places now, both across the pond and closer to home, so I want to take the opportunity to share my experiences with you. Don’t worry though, I have a few Disney on a budget posts planned!
Walt Disney World in 2014.
I realise this is probably a bit different to what you’re used to on this blog, but it’s really important to me that I’m writing about what I’m passionate about, and in this late teens/early twenties part of my life, that’s travelling.
I really appreciate your support these past months, it makes me so happy reading your comments and Twitter feedback. I look forward to bringing you some exciting travel content!
Also did I mention I’m off to France soon?
You’ll be hearing more about this very soon.
Thanks so much.
The girl behind Mouse Chick.


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