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Warsaw on a budget – future travel plans!

A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I decided we’d like to book a trip to Poland for a few days. Now we’ve both got big travelling trips and work planned for Summer, so we were quite restricted for when we could visit, but we opted for 3 nights in Warsaw in June. Today I’m going to talk to you about what we’ve booked and how I managed to managed to get flights, accommodation (with breakfast) and airport transfers for a little over £200.

Flights from London Stansted to Warsaw Modlin

After we decided that we wanted to visit Warsaw, I began my mission to find some cheap flights. I booked with Ryanair in the end and it came to £83.96 total, which is a pretty good deal for two people! Not quite the £9.99 each way flights I discovered this week for other places in Europe, but as it’s technically high season when we’re visiting Warsaw, I was impressed that the flights were still this affordable. The flights are at decent times too; no early starts or late nighters! We fly out at 11:55 and fly back at 15:35. It’ll be so nice not to have to deal with Stansted’s 7am and 11pm rushes. If you’re a regular traveller through Stansted like myself, you’ll know how awful these times are to travel. There’s always queues at security on the way out and then frustratingly long queues at Passport Control on the way back – even at the e-passport gates!

A hostel in the Old Town

I spent hours looking for accommodation, searching through pretty much all of the holiday booking websites! I wanted to find somewhere that was in the city centre, had a private bathroom and if possible, had breakfast included. In the end, I looked at a variety of different options: hotels, hostels and apartments, but DREAM Hostel Warsaw was the best choice for our budget and requirements. The hostel is located right in the centre of the Old Town, has private ensuite rooms and offers breakfast for just over £2 a day per person! The price for 3 nights was £103 and with breakfast included, it’s still under £120. I booked with Expedia because they were offering the best price for our dates.

Airport transfers 

The hostel offers airport pick up at a set cost, but as it was much cheaper to get the airport transfer bus instead, I’ve booked that. We’ll have to either walk or catch another bus to where we’re staying when we get there, but with only hand luggage, that’s easy. Besides it’ll be an excuse to scout out places to visit on the other days we’re there! The return airport transfer tickets came to just over £10.

As you can probably tell from the fact I write a budget travel blog, I love scouting out deals and finding new places to visit. Stuart let me sort Warsaw out myself because he knows how much I enjoy planning travelling trips.
I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post.
Have you got any budget holidays in Europe planned?
Love Kat xxxx



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