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25 Questions Tag – Facts about me

It’s been months since I wrote a tag post, so when Alisha of Alisha Ockenden nominated me for the 25 Questions Tag last week, I got answering the questions right away. Light hearted tags like these are always great fun – your readers get to find out a bit more about you and you get to tag your blogger friends and learn a bit more about them! So for today’s post, I’ll be answering the tag.

1. What is your middle name?


2. What was your favourite subject at school?

Definitely Art. I’d spend hours working on paintings.

3. What is your favourite drink? 

Non-alcoholic cocktails. Not only do they taste great, but they look really pretty too!

4. What is your favourite song at the moment?

‘Touch the Sky’ from Brave. After seeing Georgia Merry’s recent cover, I instantly became addicted to the song again!

5. What is your favourite food?

Cupcakes! Although I often think they look too good to eat. Disney cupcakes are the best kind of cupcakes in my book; have a look at these Frozen ones we had in Walt Disney World!

6. What is the last thing you bought?

A train ticket to Cambridge.

7. Favourite book of all time?

The Wizard of Oz. I absolutely loved it as a child!

8. Favourite Colour?

Either pink or green.

9. Do you have any pets?

No, I’ve actually never had a pet.

10. Favourite Perfume?

Marc Jacobs’ Dot.

11. Favourite Holiday?

Definitely Walt Disney World!

12. Are you married?


13. Have you ever been out of the country?

Yes! I love travelling.

14. Do you speak any other language?

A little bit of French. I wish I’d carried on learning it though!

15. How many siblings do you have?

One, my older sister Steph. We look very similar!

16. What is your favourite shop?

This is an easy one for me, the Disney Store! I’m actually going to be there at the weekend for the London Disney Meet-up, it’ll be so nice to see all of the new merchandise.

17. Favourite restaurant?

Pizza Express or Ed’s Diner. The Monday-Tuesday 40% off student discount at Pizza Express is too good to miss and I love American diners, so I try to go to Ed’s lots when I’m at Uni.

18. When was the last time you cried?

A couple of weeks ago? I’m not too sure!

19. Favourite Blog?

As I can’t just pick one, I thought I’d list a bunch of my favourites:

Dorkface (Jemma)
Tanya Michele
Faraway Lisa Mae
Steph Ros Photography
Outside The Tower (Jade)
Courage and Kindness (Hannah)
Life of Gibbers (Emma)

20. Favourite Movie?

The Princess & the Frog. I love the songs and Tiana is such an amazing role model!

21. Favourite TV show?

The Big Bang Theory. On Saturday evenings I love marathoning it!

22. PC or Mac?

Either! I own a Macbook, but at University we use PCs.

23. What phone do you have?

A green iPhone 5C.

24. How tall are you?

5ft 8.5, so quite tall!

25. Can you cook?

Reasonably well, but my University friends might disagree haha! I much prefer baking to cooking meals though. Here are some of the Alice in Wonderland cupcakes I made last year.

I really enjoyed this tag, thanks for nominating me Alisha!
Lisa, Emma, Jade, Hannah and Steph, you’re up!
Thanks for reading my blog today.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you did this!I loved reading it ☺☺
    Alisha xx

  2. SARAH says:

    i love reading these posts! the frozen and alice cupcakes look SO good! you and your sister look adorable and i am also a big fan of mocktails 🙂

    xo Sarah
    Absolutely Sarah | Bloglovin

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