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A-Z of places I’ve visited!

I like taking photos when I travel because it helps me remember all of the interesting places I visit. In my free time, I like looking at old travel photos and I’ve wanted to show some of them in a blog post for a while, but I’ve never felt there was a post theme that they’d all fit under. A few weeks ago, I read Kayleigh and Sarah’s A-Z of Disney posts and I thought I could do something similar, but using old travel photos! That brings me onto today’s post: A-Z of places I’ve visited in the world. I managed to find 24 places for the post, just shy of the complete 26. The missing two letters feature places I’d like to visit instead.

A – Annecy, France.

A beautiful town in the Alps, full of buildings that are all different colours. I visited the Alps in Summer 2008.

PC: Bob Last

B – Barcelona, Spain.

Gaudi’s Park was my favourite attraction in Barcelona, all of the marble work was incredible!

PC: Bob Last

C – Canterbury, Kent.

The city where I live whilst I’m at University. Below is the Canterbury Tales pub, a popular place with the locals.

D – Disneyland Paris.

I’m heading back here later this year and I can’t wait!

E – Edinburgh, Scotland.

Where my Mum used to live. We explored Edinburgh for a few days in 2013.

F – Florence, Italy.

The first of the two letters I couldn’t fill. My university flatmates recently came back from Florence and after seeing their photos, I’ve added it to my travel bucket list! It looks absolutely beautiful!

G – Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

The city at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains.

H – Hamburg, Germany.

The other letter I couldn’t find a place for. Hamburg is also on my list of cities I’d like to visit. The old town would be amazing to wander around and photograph. Also the fish market on a Sunday looks like an absolute must-see.

I – Intercourse, Pennyslvania (Amish Country).

Yes there really is a town called Intercourse! It’s in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and in the heart of the Amish country.

PC: Bob Last

J – St Julians, Malta.

The party region of Malta! Full of seafront restaurants and bars, St Julians is a lovely place to relax in the evening with friends and family.

K – Kennebunkport, Maine.

A seaside town that reminds me of Jaws’ Amity Island.

PC: Bob Last

L – London, England.

Our nation’s capital.

M – Munich, Germany.

The Bavarian capital and home of the famous Augustiner-Keller!

N – New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Big Easy!

O – Orlando, Florida.

Where all your dreams come true!

P – Prague, Czech Republic.

A city full of beautiful architecture and great food. Apparently the beer is incredible (I don’t drink beer haha)!

Q – Queens, New York.

The New York Mets Stadium.

PC: Bob Last

R – Rome, Italy.

When in Rome. I visited the Italian capital in 2011!

S – Salzburg, Austria.

The hills are alive… with the sound of music!

PC: Bob Last

T – Tampa Bay Rays Stadium, St Petersburg.

I talked about seeing the Tampa Bay Rays play in my recent Florida post!

U – Uzerche, France.

I stayed here for a night last month. A quaint town in central France.

V – Venice, Italy.

Famous for it’s canals, gondolas and Venetian masks, Venice is a gorgeous city!

PC: Bob Last

W – Washington DC.

Home to Mr Pres. Washington DC is an absolute must-see!

X – Chamonix, France.

I really couldn’t think of anywhere beginning with ‘x’, but Chamonix ends in an ‘x’ so that counts right? It’s the perfect place to stay if you like hiking in the mountains!

Y – NYC, New York.

The city you absolutely have to visit if you ever get the chance. The views from the Empire State Building at night are incredible!

Z – Zugspitze, Germany.

The highest point in Germany!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, it was so nice to be able to show you some old photos!
Where have you been in the world?
Thanks for reading my blog today!
Love Kat xxxx


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