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My favourite things about blogging!

If I were to describe myself in two words, I’d say techy and creative. I study IT at University and I’m learning to program, yet I’m also someone who loves to paint and take photographs. Blogging is something that allows me to combine two of my main passions and even though I’ve only been blogging properly for a little while, I already love it! Today I’m going to talk about my favourite things about blogging.

1. Absolutely anything goes!

You could blog about the latest movie release, your favourite lipsticks or what you ate for breakfast; it doesn’t have to be big news to go on your blog! I love this about blogging, there’s so no such thing as an uninteresting topic!

2. You get to collaborate with lots of amazing people!

Collaborative posts are so much fun! It gives you the chance to make new blogger friends, whilst also branching out into a different area of the internet.

3. It’s an opportunity for you to show off your photographs!

Without my blog, where would I share my travel photographs? It’s so nice to have a little space on the internet where I can post them.

4. It’s absolutely free!

Lots of hobbies are expensive, but blogging is absolutely free. I’m a firm believer in the fact that you don’t need a fancy camera or computer to be a blogger, you can get started with just a pen, notebook, your phone and a wifi connection.

5. It helps you grow in confidence!

I’m still not a confident person, but my blog has definitely encouraged me to get out and experience more things. Whether it’s solo travel or going to events, having a blog gets you motivated and more confident in yourself!
What are your favourite things about blogging?
Thank you for reading my blog today!


  1. Unknown says:

    This is such an awesome post – blogging really is great! My favourite thing about blogging is the new skills that I've learned from doing it 🙂 xxx

    Sarah / <a href=">Sarah Smiles</a>

  2. Belle says:

    Such a great post, agree with all of these as to why I love blogging. I love that there's no rules, its your blog and you can write about what ever you like

    Belle's Moments

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