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Why Disney is so important to me!

When I was 6 months old, my parents took my older sister and I to Disneyland Paris for the very first time. Little did they know, I’d grow up to be a huge Disney fan and both the movies and parks would become a very important part of my life.

Disney movies can teach us so much: about how to be a good person, how to stand up to our fears and to see the world in the best way possible. When I was little, I’d live in my Snow White dress, refusing to wear anything else and seeing the world as a magical place, just like the kingdoms my favourite Princesses lived in. If it wasn’t for Disney, I wouldn’t be such a happy and optimistic person today; Disney taught me to be kind to everybody and to make the most of life.

But enough about my childhood and Disney, why is it such a big part of my life today? Well it’s something that my family and I all love. We have so many memories at the parks, going to see the new releases together at the cinema and singing the songs in the car on long journeys. Most of my childhood revolved around Disney and even though my sister and I are our twenties, we get just as excited as little kids to go to the parks. It’s something that brings our whole family together! So many times at the dinner table we’ll say “Oh remember that time when we were in Florida…”.

Disney is just something so happy and whether you’re watching a movie or walking down Main Street USA, you’ll forget all of life’s troubles for a little while and have some genuine fun! Disney makes the world a happier place.

Thanks so much for reading my blog today and I hope you like the new template changes!
Love Kat xxxx


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