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5 ways to de-stress!

At University, I find deadlines pretty stressful. I’m a workaholic; I have to be busy doing something all of the time. I always strive to do my best and work hard, but I’m a perfectionist and I always worry that what I’ve done isn’t good enough. Sometimes I have those evenings where I have to put the work to one side and just do everything possible to de-stress. I figured I’d share some of my top tips for de-stressing in today’s post.

1. Talk to someone you’re close to about how stressed you are.

When I’m really stressed, I usually have a massive vent to my parents or my boyfriend. Letting someone else know how stressed you are can be a weight lifted off your shoulders. They then know what’s up and they’ll be able to help you in whatever way they can.

2. Shut off your social media.

I’m not talking about blogging social media, but if you see a friend post a status on your personal Facebook saying how much work they have to do, it’s not going to do anything to help your own stress levels. Cut yourself off from messages like this and just make sure you focus on yourself and only what you need to do. 

3. Watch light hearted movies.

A rather obvious one, but watching a romcom or a Disney movie for a couple of hours can do wonders for your stress levels. It forces you to think of Princesses or happy endings for a little bit and stop thinking about everything you’re stressing about.
But whatever happens, don’t sit on your phone or laptop whilst watching the movie, it won’t have as good an effect if you’re doing two things at once.

4. Write lists of everything you need to do!

Lists don’t work for everybody, but writing everything down that you’ve got to do and ticking them off as you complete them is a good way for you to see that you’re actually getting things done. I usually feel a lot less stressed when I see lots of ticks on my lists.

5. Get an early night!

Sometimes sleep is all you need. You don’t have to always be doing late nighters so that you get the work done, you have to think about looking after yourself and your wellbeing first. I’m the biggest culprit for this, but now I know too well that staying up till midnight doing work is really not worth it; you’ll just feel even more tired and stressed in the morning.
I hope this list of tips has been helpful.
How do you de-stress?
Thanks for reading my blog today!


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