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How to not be bored on road trips!

When I went on my TrekAmerica tour last year, one thing I hadn’t put enough thought into was the amount of time we’d spend in the bus driving. On our first day on the road, I got a bit of a shock when our tour leader said there would be 6 hours of driving that day! It didn’t go as slowly as I thought, because we were stopping every 1.5-2 hours for petrol or food and I had lots of lovely people to talk to, but even so, we were in the bus much longer than I would have liked! Throughout my tour, we had other journeys from 3-6 hours in length and by the end of the trip, I’d learnt how to make the most of the long stints in the car and not be too bored. I thought I’d share these tips on my blog today!

1. Look out the window!

When we were in the Great Smokey Mountains, the views were incredible! It made me want to hike even more, just looking out at the scenery as we drove up the steep mountain paths.

2. Talk to the people you’re with, don’t sit on your phone!

We all do it, especially myself, but sometimes it’s good to put your phone away and just talk to people. I learnt so much about my TrekAmerica friends on those long journeys and we had a whale of a time, chatting about our tour experiences and previous travelling trips.

3. Read a few books, if you don’t suffer with motion sickness.

I remember reading the whole journey from the Great Smoky Mountains to Nashville and it shocked me when we arrived in the country capital after 3 hours. It felt as if we’d only been on the road for an hour at most! I’d read two books by the end of tour.

4. Listen to music and have a sing-a-long.

Singing along to the Spice Girls and other classics whilst we were on the road was so much fun. It ended up turning into a massive group karaoke session!

Even when I’m on long journeys with my family we do this, but usually we sing Disney, 60s or 70s songs!

5. Play games!

We played Bingo on our journey back to New Orleans and it was a great way to pass the time. Everybody on the coach was playing and our tour leader was calling out the numbers. Obviously you could play games on your phone or iPad as well on a journey, but I really liked the fact that we all joined in and played an old-style game!

What do you do to pass the time on road trips or long journeys?
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