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My Weekly Favourites #5

As I write this post, another week has gone by and my Disneyland Paris trip is even closer! I’ve felt so Summery this week, wearing all of my smart Summer dresses to work and enjoying the sunny walks there and back. Thank goodness my work had amazing air conditioning, we would have been way too hot otherwise! It was 30 degrees on Tuesday! 30 degrees in the UK? Yes I’m just as shocked. It’s been lovely to have some really warm weather!

So what have I been up to this week? Well it was a usual 8-5 week Monday to Friday and then I went shopping in Chelmsford yesterday with my Mum. We had a lovely day, browsing Paperchase, Accessorize, Topshop and more, purchasing lots of bargains! I’ve got a Paperchase haul going up tomorrow on my blog; there’s so much adorable stationary in there at the moment. In Primark, we also found these amazing Star Wars Volvic water bottles. My boyfriend really likes Star Wars, so I had to get a couple for him!

We went for lunch at a cute tearoom called ‘Stewarts’, which had lots of beautiful afternoon tea-themed paintings on the walls. We go to Chelmsford a lot, but we’d never been there before, so it was nice to go somewhere new!

Favourite Experience

My favourite experience this week has definitely been shopping with my Mum. It was so lovely to have a girls day and just spend time together, browsing the shops and having a natter.

Favourite Food & Drink

Food is a tough one to pick this week as we’ve been naughty and had a couple of yummy takeaways haha! However, I’m going to go for something entirely different and say Fab ice lollies! Having the lollies has been a trip down memory lane, as we used to have them when I was little! They have been the perfect after work treat in the hot weather.

Favourite YouTube Channel

Steph (Stephanie Dreams) released her Disneyland Paris vlog trailer this week and it has made me so excited for my upcoming trip! It showed so many amazing clips from her trip, I can’t wait to see the upcoming vlogs! You can watch it here.

Favourite Instagram account

This week it’s been Charlotte’s (Lilmisschickas). Her Instagram is always full of absolutely gorgeous Disney photos, so it’s been lovely scrolling through my feed and seeing what she’s posted next!

It’s also been fab to see Lizi back posting on her disneyisalwaysagoodidea Instagram. If you like Disney and handmade items, you will love this account!

Favourite Blog Posts

Okay so this week I’ve been busy writing in the evenings, so I haven’t had the chance to read as many posts as I would have liked – I will definitely up my reading game next week! But regardless, I really enjoyed these ones:

Stephanie Dreams – Disneyland Paris Summer 2016
Caitlin (Through The Mirror) – 73 Blog Photography Prop Ideas (You’ll Already Own!!)
(As someone who has found it difficult to eat meat for as long as I can remember, Alisha’s post was a really interesting read!)

I hope you’ve had a lovely week.
Thanks for reading my blog today!




  1. Oh I love the Star Wars wrapping on the Volvic bottles! x

    Liv | Ramblings of a Makeup Lover

  2. I've been living off of ice lollies this week! And the Volvic bottles are so cute with the characters on them! Tania xx

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