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The Happiness Tag

Mandy from Mandy Jean World recently tagged me to answer ‘The Happiness Tag’: a tag about the things that make you happy. After seeing her post and how adorably positive the tag was, I had to answer the questions myself. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you won’t be surprised about these answers. There’s of course Disney and travel mentioned! But anyway, enough of my rambling, let’s get onto the questions and answers!

1. Name 5 things that make you happy.

Seeing my family, boyfriend and friends.

My loved ones mean the world to me and there’s nothing I like more than spending time with them. I always find the uni terms difficult as I miss my family, but then I find the uni holidays hard as I’m away from my boyfriend and Uni friends. I tend to go home at weekends whilst I’m at uni so I get the best of both worlds! ☺

Mum & I in Paris last year!


Ever since the end of primary school, I’ve loved singing! I was in two choirs at school and I joined my University’s Glee Society this year at Uni. At the moment it’s more shower-belting style, but singing makes me so happy.


I love having my little blog and I really enjoy catching up with the community in the evenings after work or Uni. I like a lot of tweets and try to send my friends lots of nice messages about their posts – the internet has the potential to be such a positive place and I like to do my bit to make it so.


As if this wasn’t going to be on my list haha? Disney makes me SO happy and I become more and more Disney-obsessed everyday (if that’s even possible haha!)


I very rarely buy anything from the shops for myself because I’m always saving for travelling. My travel bucket list is incredibly long and I really want to visit as many places as possible before I graduate. Exploring new places and photographing them is one of my favourite things to do.

2. Name 5 songs that make you happy.

When You Wish Upon A Star

Every time I hear this song, it makes me think of Disney and how magical it is. When it’s played in Wishes at Walt Disney World, I always have a little happy cry.

Walking on Sunshine (movie version)

Okay so Walking on Sunshine wasn’t the best movie in the world, but if you fancy watching something lighthearted and fun, then it’s a great choice!

Plus the soundtrack is infectious – every track is bound to make you feel really really happy!

LOVE – Nat King Cole

When I was younger, I watched Parent Trap countless times. This song comes on at the very start of the movie and it’s just been one of my favourite songs ever since. Nat King Cole was just so smooth!

Jackson – Jonny Cash & June Carter

I adore country music and Jackson is such a feel-good, energetic track. It’s played in the Help and Walk the Line, which are two of my favourite movies.

Dancing Queen – Abba

As soon as I hear the opener to Dancing Queen, I get so excited haha!  Remember Meryl Streep, Julie Walters and Christine Baranski’s dancing in Mamma Mia, that’s my sister and I when we’re listening to this song. We love Mamma Mia and yes we always have to watch the sing-a-long version!

3. Nominate 5 bloggers to continue the tag.

I nominate:

Jamie (Once Upon A Blog)
Alisha (Alisha Ockenden)
Sarah (Absolutely Sarah)
Mario (Metaphorically Me)
Tania (Tania Michele)

Thanks for tagging me Mandy, it was such a lovely tag!
Hope you’ve all had a good week so far.
Thanks for reading my blog today.


  1. Love your answers and thank you for tagging me! 🙂 Tania xx xx

  2. SARAH says:

    so lovely to read this, Kat! thanks for tagging and I can't wait to do it too 🙂

    xo Sarah
    Absolutely Sarah | Bloglovin

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