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3 reasons why we haven’t bought interrail passes for our Europe trip

It’s only a week until our interrailing trip, so I figured it was about time I wrote another pre-trip post. In July I was booking our train tickets, which wasn’t anywhere near as easy as I thought it would be. First of all, we had to decide between getting a ‘5 journeys in 15 days’ interrail pass (there are other passes for longer trips) or getting each individual journey separately. The pass costs €200 if you’re under 25 and includes 30 countries. This pass is great if you want to travel from country to country multiple times and you’re away for enough time to make it worthwhile, but not as good for a shorter trip like ours. After much research (mostly thanks to the Seat 61 blog), we decided against the interrail pass and I thought I’d explain why on my blog today.

1. We only actually have 3 train journeys during our 10 day trip.

If we paid the full pass price, we’d be paying for 5 journeys and as we don’t need this many journeys, it’d be a waste of money.

2. Postage is an additional €8 on top of the interrail pass price.

This might only be a small amount, but by booking the train tickets individually, we’ve been able to print them from home.

3. I was able to reserve seats and buy the tickets in one transaction.

Once you have an interrail pass, you still need to reserve seats on the specific trains you want to go on (unless you want to run the risk of not having a seat for the journey). By just booking the train tickets, we’ve been able to save a bit of time, as you reserve the seats at the time of ticket purchase.

The journeys we’ve booked are Vienna to Prague and Prague to Berlin. I bought both of these through České dráhy or ‘CD’, a Czech Republic rail company. We’ll be getting our Budapest to Vienna tickets on the day as there’s an issue with Austrian rail company ÖBB‘s online payment process.

I realise this is a very interrail specific post today, but hopefully one that will help those of you who might be considering a similar trip in the future!
I can’t wait for our trip.
Thank you for reading my blog today!


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