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5 goals for third year of Uni

It’s crazy to think that I’ll be in my third year of Uni in September. Where has the time gone?  After my first two years at Kent, I can really see now why people say that University was the best years of their life. I’ve been lucky to meet some really lovely people and also learn lots at the same time! I’m determined to make the most of the experience for one more year, so I thought I’d set myself some goals!

1. Volunteer in my department at University.

Whether it be helping out with an event or assisting younger students, I really want to get involved more with my department at Uni. I study in the Engineering and Digital Arts school.

2. Go to more of Canterbury’s city events and festivals.

Canterbury is the perfect place to be a student if you’re a blogger. There’s lots of festivals and events on throughout the year, such as the September food festival. I hope to get to go lots of these events in my third year.

3. Continue to help out with my University’s blog society.

I was on the committee for the blog society in my second year and we had a great time planning events for the bloggers on campus throughout the year. I’m not on the committee in third year, but I really want to continue to help out with the society regardless!

4. Try not to get as stressed about the workload.

I tend to panic and stress a lot when I have University deadlines, so in my third year I want to try and not get so stressed. I’ve already got myself a planner to keep myself organised and on top of things.  I’m also going to have set time away from my computer and lots of early nights throughout the term, so that I’m both relaxed and less tired.

5. Go travelling with uni friends.

We’ve done this in first and second year, but it’d be lovely to all go away together again one more time in 2017. A perfect time would be when we graduate in June.

Are you at university too?
What are your goals for next year?
Thanks for reading my blog today.
Love Kat


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