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The final part of our Disneyland Paris trip!

On the Saturday afternoon, we popped over to the Walt Disney Studios Park. We headed straight to Toy Story Playland and rode Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin. Toy Story Playland is my favourite area of the Studios park.

We headed to the Ratatouille area next for the 4D immersive ride ‘Ratatouille: The Adventure’. It was only a 5 minute wait for single riders, so there was no question about which queue we’d be joining. Ratatouille is one of the cleverest rides at Disneyland Paris; you really feel like you’re a rat and wandering with Rémy, when you’re on the ride.

We went on the Studio Tram Tour and Aladdin’s Flying Carpets after Ratatouille. The Tram Tour is a Disneyland classic and you get such a great view across the park whilst you’re on the carpets!

Before heading back to the Disneyland Park, we had a quick cup of tea in the entrance area of the Studios. How adorable are the Disney coffee cups by the way?

When we got back over to the Disneyland Park, it was time for us to use our Peter Pan fastpasses that we’d picked up earlier in the day. The renovations that they’ve done to the ride are fantastic; the lighting effects have really given the ride a whole new and fresh look. We absolutely loved it!

After Peter Pan, we went to the Fantasyland ice cream parlour for ice cream. This is where I met my friend Steph (Steph Ros Photography), as we’d arranged to watch the parade together. We took lots of photos and had a really good view of the floats outside Bella Notte restaurant!

In the evening my family went to Rainforest Café, whilst Steph and I hung out in the park together. We met Mickey, saw the Frozen sing-a-long show, had some photos in front of the castle and ate dinner at Casey’s Corner.

My family met up with us at Casey’s and as a group, we all headed back to Fantasyland for a few more rides and to take photos of the pretty fairy lights.

At around 10, it was time to say goodbye to Steph as she wasn’t staying for the Dreams firework display. It was so nice to spend the evening catching up with her! We got a good spot for Dreams right by the castle and my new camera did so well capturing photos of the castle throughout the show. The Frozen segment was my favourite part of Dreams!

When the show ended, it was time to leave Disneyland Paris. What an absolutely incredible day!

That marks the end of my Disneyland Paris trip series, I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts.
Thanks for reading my blog today.
Love Kat



  1. Unknown says:

    What magical day you had! I love Disneyland and I haven't been to the Paris one in like over 10 years! The food looks delicious! I am so happy to read you had a good time! 🙂


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