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A Peter Pan-themed restaurant in Berlin

As I write this post, it’s my first day back in the UK after interrailing. It was a really busy 10 days visiting 4 cities in central Europe, but such an incredible experience. I love Berlin and I’m so glad we finished our tour here. There’s so many amazing places to visit and the city has such important history. I have a Berlin travel diary post planned, but I wanted to write about one particular Berlin experience on my blog today, as I thought it might be something my fellow Disney fans would like to know about.

On Friedrichstrasse (Berlin’s main street), there’s a burger joint called ‘Peter Pane’. It’s a bit like Gourmet Burger Kitchen in the UK, but the restaurant’s branding is based around Peter Pan. My friend Aaron spotted it as we were walking along Friedrichstrasse on Thursday, so we decided to have an early dinner there.

The menu, utensil holder and condiment bottles all have little Peter Pan images and branding on, so I had to take lots of photos!

I ordered a sweet potato burger with fries and it was delicious. Not only was the food amazing, the restaurant was all kitted out for vegetarians and vegans! They had separate sections on the menu for both veggies and vegans, and all of the sauces were vegan too. I’m not actually either of these, but I eat very little meat, so I was happy to see a lot more choice on the menu than one veggie burger!

I don’t know why the burger joint is themed like Peter Pan, but it’s a really cute place to visit if you like burgers and Disney! It works out at about 15 euros per person including a tip, but this is the going rate for restaurants around Friedrichstrasse. If you’re going to Berlin soon, I totally recommend it!

Thanks for reading my blog today.


  1. Unknown says:

    Oh m gosh thank you for posting this 🙂 I love Disney and I'm a vegan, my boyfriend has just booked Christmas and new Year in Berlin so I know exactly where I will be going for food 🙂 I love Peter Pan so this looks right up my street! Your food looks delicious! Xo

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