Canterbury Food and Drink Festival 2016

One of my favourite things about freshers week is the Canterbury Food and Drink Festival at the end of the week. My friends and I went last year and as I enjoyed it so much, I decided to take a trip over to Dane John Gardens in the town for this year’s festival. It’s open each day this weekend but I figured I’d go this morning for the opening.

Just like last year, there were lots of exciting food stalls dotted around the gardens. If you wanted to stop for lunch you’d be spoilt for choice, but as I was on my own, I grabbed a drink whilst I wandered around instead. I found an independent coffee company that was selling peppermint ice tea – something I’d never tried before.

As I browsed the stalls, I kept looking out for companies that sold cakes and sweet treats – my favourite kind of food to photograph! The Chocolate Hut was probably my favourite of these stalls because it had a variety of chocolate cakes on offer at a reasonable price. The only downside to festivals like this is that the food isn’t cheap, so it was nice to see that The Chocolate Hut wasn’t too expensive. My housemates wanted cake, so I picked them up some Oreo brownies from this stall.

Macaroons, cupcakes and doughnuts were some of the other sweet items on offer and although I didn’t purchase any of these, I still had to get some photos!

Every stall at the festival went out of their way to create really eye catching signs and displays. I thought that Riverford Organic Farmers had such a lovely set up on their stall; there was lots to look at and you knew straightaway from a distance what products they sold.

In addition to the stalls, they also had musicians playing at the festival. There were lots of benches to sit on and if I’d of been with friends, I’d have definitely sat for a bit and soaked up the atmosphere.

Albeit brief, I had a lovely time at the festival and I’m glad I went back again this year.

If you live in the Canterbury or Kent area, definitely take a trip down there this weekend!

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  1. Unknown says:

    Ahhh I love love love food festivals! They can be really expensive, considering sometimes you have to pay to get in as well! If I only I lived near Kent…aha xx

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