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Cinderella colouring featuring Penguin Random House*

When I was in Prague on Tuesday, I received an exciting email from Penguin Random House. They were talking about a new Cinderella colouring book that would be released in Autumn 2016 and they were offering me the chance to receive an advance copy of it. Whilst I was enjoying pizza in Old Town Square, I quickly replied and the book had arrived by the time I got back to the UK! I studied Art at A Level and my degree is partly design-based, so I’ve always considered myself the creative type. I’m always looking for ways to de-stress and not be on a screen 24/7, so I decided to give colouring in a go.

After trying it out this weekend, it’s probably not the sort of thing I’d do regularly, but the illustrations are too good to not give them their colour back. It’s written beautifully and it’s nice to be able to give the story your own twist. Cinderella doesn’t need to have the pink, blue or silver and gold dresses that’s described in the book, you could give her entirely different coloured ones instead!

The book is a Ladybird colouring book and it’s going to be sold for £6.99. It’s a great little activity book for children and also adults who fancy a bit of a break from everyday life.

Are you a fan of colouring in?
Thanks for reading my blog today.
*The book was kindly sent to me as a PR sample (Penguin Random House).



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