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September Disney Meet Up

This year, I’ve been to three Disney meet ups in London: the April, July and September ones. The first time I went there was only 6 of us, whilst this time there was 30! It’s crazy to think how much these meet ups have grown over the course of the year. On Saturday, I headed to London for the September meet up at the Disney Store on Oxford Street. It was hosted by Eleanor Abbey and Lizi Howard, and it was a day filled with lots of Disney and us being tourists in our own city!

As always, we met at the Disney Store first of all, so that we could look at all of the current items on offer. There was a sale on so we managed to find some real bargains! I bought a glittery set of Alice in Wonderland figurines for my Uni room.

Lisa, Carrie, Steph and I went to buy Ben’s Cookies after we’d left the Disney Store. They’re my absolute favourite sweet treat and when I’m in London, I like to bring a bag of them home for my family. I bought the milk chocolate, praline and oatmeal & raisin ones.

Next stop was Hyde Park, where we all planned to sit for lunch. We found a picnic spot for the big group of us and then split off to go and buy food. There was a Pret and MacDonalds on the edge of Hyde Park, so most of us went to either of these. Once we’d got our food, we went back to Hyde Park for an afternoon of chatting, laughter and lots of photos!

Whilst I was in Hyde Park, I opened my Etsy order from Lizi, which she’d kindly brought to the meet up for me. She’d given me a little pink package with my name on and inside there was the Frozen heart plaque that I’d ordered. I’m absolutely thrilled with the plaque; it’s so beautifully made!

By about 4, it was time for me to go and meet my Mum back on Oxford Street. I said my goodbyes and then headed out of Hyde Park.
It was a lovely day!
Thanks for hosting Eleanor and Lizi.



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