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The best chocolate in Berlin

Happy International Chocolate Day! When I was in Berlin, I went to the beautiful Rausch chocolate store and café for cake and I couldn’t think of a day more fitting to write about it. Rausch is located on the corner of Charlottenstrasse and Mohenstrasse – a stones throw from Berlin’s Gendarmenmarkt square and Friedrichstrasse street. It’s a luxury chocolatier and somewhere I couldn’t afford to go often, but as we were on holiday, it was the perfect excuse to go!

As soon as you entered the building, you knew you were in a chocoholic’s wonderland. The store shelves were filled to the brim with chocolate, all shapes and flavours. There was something for every palette.

The chocolate was packed in delicate boxes and containers, which were adorned with the ‘Fassbender & Rausch Chocolatiers’ logo. If only my suitcase allowance was higher than 15kg, I’d have brought so many boxes back for presents!

The interior of the place was exactly what I’d expect of a chocolatier: dark wood and lots of gold everywhere. It had such a wealthy, elegant vibe.

Rausch sources their cocoa beans from all over the world and I thought the map of locations on the wall was a really nice addition to the store.

Before heading to the café upstairs in the building, we admired some of the chocolate statues in the room. The Brandenburg Gate one was my favourite!

The café was really relaxed and people of all ages were sitting at the tables. Laden down with my backpack and travel bags, they welcomed us with open arms and we were sat at a table right next to the window.

I ordered a mini chocolate torte and a bottle of water, whilst my friend Aaron ordered the Straciatella torte and green tea. The service was absolutely incredible! Our waiter was so polite and friendly.

The food arrived really quickly and it was so elegant. The tortes must of taken such skill and precision to make.

We had a wonderful time at the Rausch, I totally recommend it.

Before we left, I picked up a Rausch teddy bear and bar of chocolate. It came in the most beautiful bag!

Have you ever been to Rausch?
Thanks for reading my blog today.


  1. Unknown says:

    Your travel posts are killing me (as is your Instagram), it all looks so amazing and your photography is goals. This post made me so hungry hahaha! I loved Berlin when I went and I wish I'd been here – that Brandenburg Gate is better than the real thing!! xx

  2. Lauren says:

    All that chocolate really does look the best!! Berlin looks like an amazing place, if I ever do go I'll be sure to try the chocolate!

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