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10 bloggers that inspire me!

Lately I’ve been balancing life, blogging and Uni, and I haven’t been quite as active on my blog as I’d have liked. I’ve been looking to my favourite bloggers and wondering how on earth they manage it, which actually got me thinking, why not write a post about how they inspire me and drive me to work harder on my blog? All of these bloggers put so much time and effort into their posts and if I can someday be even half as good as them, I’ll be very happy.

1. Gwennan (Twenty Something Meltdown)

Gwennan’s lifestyle blog is one of my all-time favourites. She posts everyday and constantly updates her social media with exciting and new content. When I go through Bloglovin’ in the morning, I always try and make sure I read whatever she’s recently posted. Gwennan inspires me to be more organised and on top of my blog content.

2. Brogan (Brogan Tate xo)

Brogan’s travel vlogs and blog posts inspire me to travel more. I booked a TrekAmerica tour after watching one of her TrekAmerica planning videos, and ever since, I’ve watched and read her content every week. I can’t wait to see her Christmas New York travel vlog!

3. Mel (Melberryy)

Mel is the blogger that I’d say is always 110% herself. She’s absolutely hilarious, both in person and on her blog, and her personality always shines through in her blog posts! Mel inspires me to showcase my personality more in my content.

4. Lottie (Lottie Does)

Lottie provides her followers with such a fascinating insight into her life, travels, running and Disney. Every post she writes is something completely different, which is why I really like Lottie’s blog. Lottie inspires me to make sure there’s lots of variety on my blog!

5. Jemma (Dorkface)

Jemma, where do I start? Her blog is just brilliant and it features some gorgeous photos! Although I could go on for ages about how amazing her posts are, it’s her Instagram that inspires me most of all. Her feed is always full of bright colours and pretty things; I wish I could take product photos as well as her! She really is a creative genius.

6. Alisha (Alisha Ockenden)

A little bit about Alisha: she’s a Biochemistry student here at Kent and I met her through the University’s blogging society. She has a lifestyle blog where she posts University and careers advice, as well as her weekly ‘The Women Behind the Blogger’ series. Alisha offers such great advice, that her blog is my go-to website when I’m stressed or trying to get on top of my University to-do list. She definitely inspires me to be a better Uni student!

7. Izzy (Just Belle)

I met Izzy at Blogger Picnic in the Park (post here) and after the event, I came across her blog. What I like about Izzy’s blog, is the fact that she posts about places she’s visited here in the UK. These posts have definitely inspired me to travel around the UK more; I had no idea about all of the amazing places right on our doorstep!

8. Jess & James (Food and Baker)

Lately, I’ve written a few food-related posts and this is because I’ve been totally inspired by Jess and James’ blog: Food and Baker. Their blog is any budding foodie’s dream as they share restaurant reviews and lots of fab food photos!

9. Sian (Cakey Dreamer)

You know that blogger that you wish you could bake as well as? Well that’s Sian for me! Her cakes are always beautiful and every time I read her blog, I want to bake one of her recipes. Her blog has been a little quiet lately, but I can’t wait to see what she has in store for the future!

10. Angie (The Mental Health Blogger)

Angie goes to Kent too and her blog is all about giving back and helping people who struggle with Mental Health issues. I think it’s amazing how far she’s come with her blog in the past year or so. Keep doing the fab work you’re doing, it’s helping so many people!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, I really wanted to give something back to the blogging community.
Thanks for reading my blog today.


  1. Food & Baker says:

    No you didntttttt! This is so cute, we are honestly so honoured to be up there with such amazing bloggers! You're so lovely, thank you so much for including us in such a lovely post! Will defo check out the others we don't already follow☺️

    Jessica & James

  2. Unknown says:

    I love Brogan's videos, and Jemma is definitely an inspiring blogger, and both are so lovely. Thanks for sharing, I'm going to say hi to the bloggers you mentioned 😉

  3. Such a lovely post to do Kat! I love Gwennan and Jemma – and I'll check the others out too 🙂 Tania xx

  4. Sauniya says:

    This is great. Thank you for sharing you bloggers inspiration. I really like this. It's always a good thing to expand your bloggers reading list. I didn't know these bloggers before. I'm going to heck them out.
    Thank you 🙂
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

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