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3 ways to get creative!

When I’m stressed, being creative and taking time away from a computer is the best way for me to relax. Lately, I’ve got really into Art again and I’ve actually been to a couple of arts and crafts cafés. There’s something therapeutic about sitting down and getting stuck into a new craft project! I thought I’d share some ways of how you can get creative on my blog today.

1. Go to a pottery café and paint something.

I found ‘Espression Arts’ (the Canterbury art café) when I was exploring the streets near my University house, so I decided to go and paint a plate there on a Saturday afternoon. I sat with a cup of tea for a couple hours and it was so nice to have some time to just draw and paint. I can’t wait to see how the plate turns out after it’s been in the kiln. Pottery painting is so much fun, I totally recommend it!

2. Try printing!

Printing is the art form that I believe anyone can do. There’s so many different styles that you can try. My favourite is lino printing, but yesterday I got to do some foam block printing at ‘Time for Tea’ in East London. We were there for a hen party and everybody really enjoyed the printing process. Your prints could be as simple or complicated as you liked, which is why it appealed to everyone.

3. Do some colouring.

At uni, colouring is the easiest way for me to get creative. In my Cinderella Colouring post, I mentioned that I didn’t think I’d end up colouring very much, but now I’m back at uni, I’m trying to colour little and often, as a way to destress. How lovely is this Disney patterns book by the way?

Do you like being creative?
Thanks for reading my blog today.


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