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A classy new burger joint in Hertfordshire*

I grew up in Bishop’s Stortford: a small town between London and Cambridge. When I was in my teens, lots of new restaurants opened (mostly Italian places), but there was never anything “new”. The town was missing a young, easygoing restaurant where you’d be able to order classic American food in a relaxed atmosphere. A few weeks ago, Burger Revolution opened in the town, which is exactly that, and I was invited to review it on my blog. 

As soon as I walked in, I noticed how incredibly different and unique the restaurant was. The lighting was really interesting: there were lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling, something I’ve never seen before. It worked so well with the textured wooden walls!

We were seated to a table in the corner of the restaurant, where we got great views of all of the decor! The menu was so well thought out. There was no such thing as a ‘combo meal’; you got to choose the type of burger, bun and sides that you wanted and make up your own plate. You also pay for each element individually, which is good because in lots of restaurants you don’t have the option just to have a burger on it’s own without fries or coleslaw.

For starters, we ordered some onion rings and garlic bread.

The food arrived really quickly, on a wooden board. I really like the fact that they’ve opted for boards over classic dining plates, it’s much more relaxed!

Both were ideal portion sizes for sharing, you don’t want to over eat before the main event!

For my main, I opted for the ‘Bean Machine’ veggie burger with sweet potato fries. I decided to try the beetroot brioche burger bun, which was a spectacular red! It didn’t look appetising being such a lairy colour, but at least it tasted nice haha.

Last up was desserts! As someone who has a real sweet tooth, I couldn’t wait to try them. We ordered the Knickerblocker Glory ice cream sundae and the white chocolate brownie.

The brownie was my favourite; it was really different and exciting being white chocolate!

Although the Knickerblocker Glory was quite nice, next time I’ll go for one of the dessert ‘freak shakes’. Someone ordered one at a different table and I got total dessert envy haha!

It was such a nice meal and I’d totally recommend Burger Revolution. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit again soon!
Thanks for reading my blog today.
*The management of Burger Revolution kindly covered the food bill.


  1. Hope says:

    I love brownies! That burger bun looks so cool, definitely somewhere I'd love to try one day!
    -Hope x

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