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10 reasons why you should travel

Travel is a huge part of my life, whether it be just a day trip to Cambridge or a long-awaited trip to the USA. Ever since I started working, I’ve been putting my money aside for trips and I’m constantly googling where I can jet off to next. This year at Uni, I can already see how much my Summer interrailing trip helped me grow as a person. I’m more confident this year and my organisation has improved no end. My 2016 travels have definitely both refreshed my passion for travel and also made me have a different outlook on day-to-day life. There’s nothing like a bit of exploring and culture, to renew your motivation! I thought I’d talk about all of the reasons why you should travel on my blog today.
The Reichstag Building, Berlin

1. You get to try totally new food.

Okay so the diet goes out the window when you travel, but trying new food abroad is such a great experience! Sometimes you might not like it, but at least you had the guts to give it a go.
Apful strudel in Vienna, Austria

2. The photo opportunities.

I could spend hours taking photos when I’m travelling. You’re able to get the typical tourist photos, as well as unique, candid ones.
The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

3. You’ll learn about history, both old and new.

I learnt so much about World War II and the Cold War whilst travelling in Europe over Summer. Museums and tours of cities are a great way to learn about the history of the place your visiting!
Communism Museum, Prague

4. It helps you grow in confidence.

By the end of the interrailing trip I was navigating us from A to B via maps and the public transport system, without worrying that we’d end up lost!

5. You get to meet new people who love visiting places just as much as you.

We met some new people in Prague and went for dinner with them. The topic of conversation almost always related to travel and culture; it’s absolutely fascinating hearing about other people’s adventures!

6. It teaches you to be organised.

Packing lists and no data when you’re abroad make you very organised. You can’t just rely on your phone and that means you have to be totally prepared all of the time. These skills can easily be transferred to your life back home – I now have to-do lists with me everyday!

7. It’s a great talking point when you’re chatting to people.

The memories and experiences you gain from trips, can lead to very interesting conversations back home. If you’re making new friends, why not see if they’re interested in travel too?

8. It gives you a different perspective on life. You start to appreciate the little things more!

Seeing different architecture, cultures and ways of life, can really make you see your own life differently. I always find that I see the UK in a different light after travelling. There’s nothing like a bit of travel to see the beauty in what’s around you!

9. It can inspire you.

Seeing new places can give you a real boost and encourage you to make changes to your lifestyle. Travelling always inspires me to work harder so that I can afford to visit more places in the future!

10. It’s a break from real life.

Travelling is a break from the usual 9-5. It’s a chance for you to take some time out and really relax.
Why do you like to travel?
Thanks for reading my blog today.



  1. I definitely travel for the food, history, and making new friends! Like you said it's always fun to mention/bring up in conversation just because you find others who love to travel or people intrigued by it. (:

    Single Vegas Girl

  2. Unknown says:

    That apfle strudel look delicious! I'm drooling over here. I love your photos by the way, they're lovely 🙂


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