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Disney Christmas Gift Exchange

In November, Soph Kean announced that she was going to be planning a Disney-themed Secret Santa. After taking part in Hannah’s Halloween one, I was ecstatic to join in with a Christmas one, so I quickly signed up. The budget was £10-15 and we had a month or so to get the gifts. I had Katie (@kitkatie91) and I bought her a Stitch notebook, a Mickey Mouse bag and an Aladdin shopping bag.

I didn’t get to see my gifts until I got back from University, but I opened them yesterday and I can’t believe how lovely my presents are. Laura Yasmin was my Secret Santa and she bought me the Anna and Elsa Disney Traditions tree decorations. I put them on my Christmas tree straightaway, how lovely do they look?

I’m absolutely thrilled with my gifts, Laura chose so well. 
I’ve really enjoyed taking part in the gift exchange. It was great fun getting to choose surprise Disney gifts for someone, as well as receive your very own parcel.
Thanks for reading my blog today.


  1. Food & Baker says:

    Secret Santa gift exchange with other bloggers? Ugh how cute and Disney too! This sounds amazing and if not we knew – we'd love to get involved with one next year! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James |

  2. Anjalee says:

    Aw this sounds like such a cute idea! I'd love to take part next time. The decorations are adorable and so beautifully crafted!
    I just got the Animator Peas in a Pod decoration for my friend (who I call Pea as a nickname)


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