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Lush Christmas Soaps*

When I was at the Lush Canterbury event a little while ago, I picked up a couple of their Christmas soaps. Snowcastle caught my eye, mainly because it reminded me of Disney’s Frozen and I also picked up a salted caramel one. Okay so salted caramel isn’t a specific Christmas product, but the scent really reminds me of Christmas for some reason!

Inside my goodie bag from the event, I found a sample of the Santa’s Postbox soap. When I put it together with the other two I’d purchased, I had a little Lush festive soap haul.

The soaps and shower gels are my favourite Lush products and it’s so lovely that they bring out festive versions of them at Christmas time. I’m currently using the postbox one and it has a real fresh and fruity scent. It makes a change to the classic Christmas scents of cinnamon and gingerbread.

After I’ve finished the postbox sample, I plan to start using the Snowcastle one. I’m sure it’ll be perfect for the Winter months. The salted caramel one smells amazing, but as that’s the least festive, I’m saving it to use a bit further into 2017.

Have you purchased any of Lush’s Christmas soaps? Which is your favourite?
Thanks for reading my blog today.
*Lush Canterbury kindly gifted me a sample of Santa’s Postbox.


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