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MickeyMouseXCathKidston Gift Guide – £10 and under

On Saturday, Cath Kidston released their next batch of products for the DisneyXCathKidston range. The first range they produced was based on the Winnie the Pooh characters, but this time they decided to design some Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse products. Minnie Mouse is one of my favourite Disney characters, so I was very excited to get my hands on some of the items.
We have a Cath Kidston in Canterbury, so after studying in the computing labs all day on Saturday, I popped into the store to see if they had anything left. Much to my delight they did and I was able to get the items I’d been eyeing up. Now the MickeyMouseXCathKidston range is on the more expensive side, so I was only looking at their more affordable products. I thought I’d share with you what I purchased on my blog today and as all of the items were £10 or under, let’s make this post a MickeyMouseXCathKidston Christmas gift guide!

Minnie Mouse Tea Towel – £10

I purchased the Minnie Mouse tea towel for my Mum and although £10 is quite a lot for a tea towel, it really is a lovely product. The polka dots are very typical Cath Kidston, but placing Minnie like this on the edge of the towel is really unique – nothing like their usual repetitive printed designs!
This tea towel would be a great gift for Mums, Aunts and Nans.

Minnie Mouse Coin Purse – £4.50 (Cath Kids)

The white Minnie Mouse coin purse was only £4.50, which is an absolute bargain for Cath Kidston! It’s actually in the ‘Cath Kids’ range, but it’s quite a grown up design for a kids product, so it’d be great for adults too. It’s adorable the way they’ve printed Minnie in different poses. This purse is the perfect stocking filler!

Mickey Hearts Minnie notebook – £9.50

As I’m a stationary addict, there’s no surprise that I bought this notebook! It’s one of the cutest Disney notebooks I’ve ever seen and I think it would be perfect for any Disney fan. It’s A5 in size and really good quality, so it’s a great size for carrying around with you. I’m looking forward to using it to plan my blog posts. 
Obviously there are other products in the MickeyMouseXCathKidston range that cost £10 or less, but these are the ones I liked most of all! There were some other notebooks that I would have purchased, but at £9.50 a book, I couldn’t justify buying more than one.
What are your favourite products in the MickeyMouseXCathKidston line?
Thanks for reading my blog today.



  1. Food & Baker says:

    These would make such good stocking gifts for Micky and Minnie lovers as yourself, in love with that notebook and it is such good price for Cath Kidston! Always love their products, but I'm such a plain person I don't own much of theirs but one Christmas I bought myself a red flower purse from there and I love it! Thanks for sharing! Hope you get much use from your notebook!

    Jessica & James |

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