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5 reasons why you should interrail

A little while ago I was looking back through some interrailing photos and it got me thinking, I haven’t ever written a blog post about the interrailing experience.  It was an absolutely brilliant way to see multiple countries in one trip and I’d recommend it to anyone. I thought I’d talk about why you should interrail on my blog today!

1. Travelling through Europe on the train means you get to see more of each country than if you were flying into a specific city.

Travelling through rural parts of the Czech Republic to get to Prague was so interesting. It was great seeing what it’s like in the country outside of the main cities.

2. You can experience lots of city breaks in one go and only have to pay for one set of flights.

3. You can meet new travel friends in hostels or whilst you’re taking part in city tours.

In Prague, my friend Aaron and I met some people on a castle walking tour and we went out for dinner with them that evening.

4. Train travel in mainland Europe is very affordable.

Just make sure you book the tickets online, far in advance. The Seat61 blog is great if you need advice on how to book cheap international train tickets.

5. As long as you’re prepared for your trip, it’s a relatively stress-free way to travel to multiple countries.

Have you ever been interrailing?
Did you enjoy the experience?
Thanks for reading my blog today.



  1. Unknown says:

    I love exploring European cities, and I love travelling by train so I've been longing to combine these loves together for some time now! These are all yet more great reasons though. I would love to do just France by train!

    Sinéad ♥ Check out my re-launched blog HERE

  2. Kat Last says:

    You'll really enjoy interrailing then. 🙂 It's a wonderful experience!


  3. Iga Berry says:

    All five reasons are a very valid points! I actually never considered inter railing. That's something I should have a look at. Iga

  4. Kat Last says:

    You'd really like interrailing!
    Let me know if you ever decide to go.


  5. Kel McK says:

    I've never done Interrailing but I always wanted to – I wish I;d done it when I was younger . . . its a bit hard to get away for more than a couple of days at a time these days for me, but hopefully in the future it'll be more doable!

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