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5 ways to make your city break affordable

With the current exchange rates, travelling to European cities isn’t as cheap as it used to be. However this shouldn’t phase you because I believe with a bit of research, you can still grab a bargain budget city break. Today I’m going to share some tips for securing an affordable city break.

1. Don’t be constrained to particular dates.

Oh the difference a day makes! Sometimes you can save £10-£20 on flights if you shift your travel dates by a day or two.

2. Choose a city that is known for it’s affordability.

I’d love to visit Copenhagen or Reykjavik, but they’re too expensive for me right now. Food, drinks and attractions are often a lot cheaper in central and eastern Europe, so why not visit one of those cities instead?

3. Travel out of season.

Rome was extremely affordable for us, but that was mainly because we travelled in early January after the festive period had ended, and not as many people travel then.

4. Choose Airbnb or self-catered accommodation over hotels.

If you look carefully, you can find some really amazing deals on Airbnb. Our Rome Airbnb flat was really affordable, thanks to my sister recommending us to Airbnb and providing us with a discount. If you fancy booking Airbnb for your next trip, you can get £30 off your first booking through my referral link here.

5. Fly with Ryanair, easyJet or one of the budget airlines.

They’re not comfortable, but these airlines are great at getting you from A to B for a low price. Besides, you’re only on the plane for a short amount of time.
How do you keep city breaks affordable?
Thanks for reading my blog today.


  1. Hannah says:

    These are some great tips Kat! I've bookmarked them for later, they'll definitely come in handy! <3 xx

  2. Kat Last says:

    Thank you so much! Hope you find them helpful. 🙂


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