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Films I’m looking forward to in 2017

There are lots of films coming out this year that I can’t wait to see. A couple of months ago, I binge watched lots of 2017 trailers and I realised that I’m going to be making lots of trips to the cinema in the first part of the year. Today I thought I’d talk you through some of the movies that I’m looking forward to seeing. 

1. The live action Beauty & the Beast movie.

How amazing does it look from the trailers? With such a star-studded cast, I can’t wait to see what Disney have come up with. The CGI looks incredible!

2. La La Land.

I love Singin’ in the Rain, High Society and the golden age of Hollywood movie musicals, so I can’t wait to see this modern musical with an old school Hollywood twist. I’m going to see it with friends tomorrow and I’m bound to be tapping my toes and singing the songs as I walk out of the cinema. 

3. Jackie.

Biopics are one of my favourite genres of movies and this film about Jackie Kennedy looks as if it’s going to be a fascinating insight into the former First Lady’s life. Natalie Portman is a fantastic choice for the role.

4. The Zookeeper’s Wife.

When I watched this film trailer, it was the first time that I heard about the hiding of Jewish people in the Warsaw Zoo during the Nazi regime. The film will be very emotional and terrifying at times, but I’m so glad that this story is being told through film. The bravery of Antonina and Jan Żabińska should never be forgotten.
What movies are you looking forward to seeing this year?
Thanks for reading my blog today.


  1. I'm excited for Beauty & The Beast, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and Star Wars at the end of the year! 🙂 Tania Michele xx

  2. Kat Last says:

    I'm excited for Star Wars too, I should have mentioned that in the post haha!
    There are so many great movies getting released this year.

    Thanks for commenting.


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